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While the knight was distracted, the hyena ran up, as it just kicked Adrian. He jumped up on it's back and held on to it's helmet, and tried to take it off. As he was trying to take the soldier's helmet off, it shook it's head trying to get the canine off. Eventually it grabbed it's enemy's wrist and threw him across the hall. Lance hit the ground near the wall. he slowly got back up and saw the knight charge towards him, he quickly moved out of the way and it hit the wall.

Even with the wall made of stone, it didn't break and the running into it didn't seem to affect the knight. Lance picked up his sword. "I maybe can't change into a dragon at will anymore, but I'm not giving up." He said as he pointed the sword at the soldier.

The knight began to laugh.

Lance charged to the knight and swung his sword to it's head, but it caught the blade of the weapon and kicked the hyena causing him to let go of sword. The canine looked up at the soldier, and it broke the blade of his sword. It threw the broken weapon into the flooded room below it looked back at canine and noticed his eyes were glowing blue, and his fur change into scales.

The knight punched the hyena, but he grabbed it's fist stopping it. Lance looked at the soldier shoved it back, he then punched it in the stomach, causing it to fall, but it still wasn't defeated. The canine looked down the hole to the flooded room, where the soldier threw his sword and saw his reflection in the water. His eyes were glowing blue and his fur had changed into scales, but he wasn't in his dragon form.

He ran over to wolf and helped him back up. "Adrian do you have in any idea how we could defeat that knight?" He said as he saw the armoured soldier slowly get back up too.


Outside the pyramid. Angela was still trying to dig through the ice with the spear, but was having no luck, it was frozen solid.

Scott regained consciousness and noticed he was tied up. He looked back at the trees at the forest to the north, and was angry that no one from village has come to help him. He looked at the coyote, noticing she was trying to dig through the ice. "You're not going to get through." He said with a grin. Even if you do, your friend won't be down there." The lion looked at the pyramid then the ground. There is a river under ground, your friend probably felling that. That river flows into a lake near, where there is temple and a village, where a tribe lives."

Angela stopped digging and walked over to the lion. She was relieved that John might be still alive. Since the jackal was okay, she guessed he would head home or come back here, so she resumed looking for Adrian.

The coyote walked over to the entrance of the pyramid and tried to open the door, but it was stuck. She used the spear to try and get the door open, but she broke the blade of the weapon. "Adrian! Are you in there?!" She shouted, hoping that the wolf heard, if he was nearby.
"Adrian do you have in any idea how we could defeat that knight?"

With renewed effort from his friend, he had been allowed a chance to recover. Back on his feet while overlooking this seemingly unstoppable foe, quickly pondering about Scarloc's question. 
"If only I had a weapon, and you could take control of your form, there's little that can be done, but look for a potential weakness.. Sorry to say, I've seen none." Shrugging both shoulders in unison, before preparing to move about, as perhaps their one advantage was that they weren't wearing heavy armor. Yet even so, it hadn't drastically numbed down his movement considerable. 

"We'd best split so he can't take on us both." Upon darting off toward his right, as the brutal guard approached with haste, unchanged from the slightest loss of balance. 

Quickly realizing he was aiming at the wolf, perhaps due that he lacks the weaponry defending him self. In fact, this was all a cowardly act, attack someone unarmed, no matter his intention, he does not have a single honesty. 
This time, the wolf averted the soldier's diagonally slash.  

Upon a moment relief, an disgustingly thought emerged in the wolf's head. A quick glance at his loose limb, the ring attached gave an almost vibrant light, as if attempting to guide, or perhaps tell him something. With a few quick steps attempting to cover even some distance between him and the weapon carried by his enemy. Perhaps Lance might be there to aid him, when that moment he needed the most. 
Never to equip he said, he refrained, but this might prove their only way out of this, as long his friend doesn't turn into his dragon form, which is highly unlikely considering the time-lapse between. 

While being chased, and at the same time, fitting the ring upon his chosen finger, it was a lot harder then he'd first anticipated, and constantly having to avert the sword attempting to come in all forms, both diagonally, circles and twists. 
"Damn it. Give me a moment Lance..." 

Whatever occurred on the opposite bargain, it seemed to work. In fact, a slight rustling sound from the armored soldier's annoyance. 
"No more fun and games, I'll deal with you both at the same time." For a second he just stood motionless, not moving a muscle. But it was for a mere second, before he uttered out a few words, incoherent to any known language, perhaps the ancients. 
"UBRAKA HALLOU" The whole room took a sudden effect for the worse. What once was cold beneath their feet turned into liquidised fluid. 
Dangerously hot, as if this guy had more then one element in store, which to be fair, was cheating, at least to the wolf's crying of pain, as his feet felt like they burned. Even worse, he couldn't imagine his cold elemental friend. 

Not only that, but the roof started shaking violently as big shards dropped down like gigantic needles. Barely being able to avoid the first, and the second, only to have the third pierce his shoulder. 
Just when he had ought putting on the ring as well. 
"You okay Lance?" The wolf asked. 

Whatever form this soldier once had was gone, he was no man, nor anything that could be considering a inhumane object. 
In amidst all of this, a faint voice could be heard, one which the wolf could faintly recognized, it was Angela. But no matter how much he would try, he doubted she would hear his voice. The pyramid it self started rumbling, as if whatever accursed spell this madman had summoned, would ultimately bury them inside. He tried to his best abilities getting to Lance's position, yet the floor gave weight too his feet. 
Suddenly they would be both falling into an dark abyss. What's worse, time's ticking, the moon now making a turn toward the horizon, leaving but a few hours left before sun's rising, and potentially ceiling this place for another full moon event. They wouldn't have the sufficient provisions to survive that long. 

Suddenly hitting the surface, which was completely black, so was the walls around him, no matter he was knocked out cold, he did not know whether the same thing happened to his friend, but it was an likely story, considering the whole floor had abdicated. 
Another question surfaced the wolf's mind as he literally flailed about, looking for something to hold on, while falling. What about the room filled with water, was that also just an illusion. Then oh my has everything been awfully real. 

It was maybe just a few minutes, as the wolf opened one of his eyes, groaning upon getting back on his rump, just overlooking the dark encapsulated storage room which he had emerged at. What's terrifying is this is the first time he couldn't see his hyena friend. Nor did he know whether he was okay or not.  

He wasn't sure whether he should shout out. What's surprising is that he hadn't noticed any considerable side-effects from putting back that ring of his. Instead, an red illuminating light decorated the floor next to him, it was the form of a fiery sword, yet without the actual elemental effect attached to it. 
Reaching out for it, it was perfect to his hand, then a similar voice echoing nearby. 

"Now then, let's see if your up to steel, or I shall kill you where your at." 

Adrian motioned him self back standing on his feet, feeling surprisingly good from all the pain he had just witnessed in the ice encircled room. 
Suddenly the darkness scattered away, and he was indeed looking back at the soldier in that fine armor of his. Yet for some odd reason, it felt like this was the true test. They both charged at each other, as Adrian's only thought was to get some answers and return back to his friends. Perhaps by defeating his foe, he might just get that. 

Lance, or what once was the hyena had also been sent down in an dark enclosure, very much similar to that of Adrian. Yet without any control or whatsoever, Scarloc will find that his true form has returned to him, and a very similar challenge awaits him. 

The same soldier seemingly scattered into two distinguishable characters are now ready to test the dragon, as to see whether this dragon is indeed worthy of having his curse ridden from his body after all these years. 
"Ready your self dragon, here I come."

((You can control this version as much you want. Promise, that you won't make it an easy fight.))
After hearing the wolf's idea of splitting up to try and defeat their armoured opponent, he ran up to the enemy as it was charging towards the wolf. The hyena went to punch the soldier, but it shoved him to the side before he could. The knight continued on towards Adrian.

The canine got back up, holding the side of his stomach, since the knight had more strength than he did. He saw the enemy swing it's sword at the wolf, while he was trying to put the ring on. Lance thought that artefact is what the soldier was after, and since that could help lift the curse, he ran up, jumped and kicked the it's back, damaging the armour.

For a moment the knight turned it's attention to the hyena, and tried to stab him. Lance moved to the side dodging the attack and he counted by punching the soldier's helmet, the enemy seemed to get angry as it swung it sword. The canine avoided the attacks, but it did hit one of the pillar's, destroying it.

The enemy began to talk saying it would fight Lance and Adrian at the same time. The hyena didn't know how it was going to that, but it soon chanted what sounded a spell. The hall started to fill with hot water. Lance fell to his knees, as he started to feel weak, in either his canine or dragon form he had no resistance to heat. Shards started falling from the ceiling. He moved slowly, but got out of the way.

Lance heard Adrian ask if he was alright, and ran over. Be he could answer, the wolf fell through the floor. The hyena stood up and he fell through the floor too. He landed in an area. The hall below was meant to be flooded, but this area wasn't, he didn't know if he was still in the pyramid.

Lance didn't feel weak anymore, he also noticed he was in his dragon form. He saw the knight standing across from him and it started charging towards him. The beast opened his mouth and ice fired out. He froze the soldier, but it instantly broke out. It swung it's sword, but Scarloc jumped back avoiding the blade.

The Dragon counted by jumping up and stomping on the ground, causing the knight to fall. "Where are we?!" The beast shouted, in a demanding tone. The solder got back up and didn't answer. It continued it's attack, and the blade of it's sword hit one of Scarloc's front leg's.

Scarloc cried out in pain and he got angry. He opened his mouth and ice fired at the ground. The ice went across the ground, and the knight moved back to avoid it. The soldier ran alongside the path of ice and swung it's sword again, but the dragon froze the blade and it broke, the soldier was now unarmed. "Now where are we?" The dragon said.


Back outside. Angela stepped back as the pyramid was shaking. She didn't know what was happening, but she went to go look for another way inside. As the coyote was looking, she noticed Scott was gone, he probably headed back to the village in the north. If Adrian was in the pyramid, she hoped he would be out soon. That lion might be back, with the guards from the village.

All of a sudden the coyote heard a roar coming from the sky. She looked up and saw the dragon from before, the one known as Skaul. Angela got an arrow and aimed her bow at the beast, as it stopped in the sky. It looked at the canine and it then flew away.

Angela lowered the bow and was puzzled, why didn't Skaul attack? Before it seemed it didn't want anyone near the pyramid. She looked down, noticing she was standing in the ice, covering the hole John fell down. The beast could of easily melted the ice, so she would of fell too, but it didn't. She wondered if anyone else knew more about the red dragon.
Steel versus steel, as the two swords clashed into a multitude of combining effort, none seemed the wiser outmaneuvering another. Striking low, high, diagonally and in circles. It was all flashy and nerve-breaking as both individuals tried their best. It felt like they were equals. Adrian decided to make the unthinkable, using his own weight, pushing them both off balance. 
It caught the guardsman attention off-guard, falling backwards. Adrian readjusted so that for a second, he used the sword as a walking stick, allowing him a chance to strike at the downed swordsman, who made an effort countering the wolf's move, but he was too late, as the black canine pierced his foe in the chest with the sword. 
Wailing incredible loud, as if this was all a ruse, taking the wolf off-guard by using his feet, pushing Adrian backward in an appallingly ruse, unable to stand firm. There was enough allowing the tables become evenly matched once again.  

"Your not human are you?" Didn't expect an answer no, instead they both quickly charged at each other. Again attempting to outsmart his opponent, they were both within range, one looking for an downward strike, very similar to that of an fully charged ax about to break the wood in two, Adrian had seen this move been done, and more then a few had successfully accomplished such feat, so taking a huge risk getting his own membrane cut in half, as he slid down onto his knees, caring little for any scratches he might unfold, the sword blade swept the soldiers only vulnerable area, just above his knees, there was a slight opening. While all black, he wasn't sure if it was flesh he would hit, but he had to try. 

Somewhat successful, but it seemed like the sword just went through. He felt an unthinkable pain as his tail hadn't been able to avoid the down-thrusting attack. 
Blood oozed at the back, as he rolled sideways, while his nemesis merely took a turn allowing even for the wolf a chance to recover. 

Growling as he tried nothing more then ignoring the blood filling up by his feet. 
Once again, both of them charged at each other, they seemingly aligned each move like there was barely any difference between each fighter. Occasionally slinking past one another, as both, or in any normal circumstances received several bruises and cuts, while the other one merely retrieved a few scratches on that fine armor of his. 
That didn't hinder the wolf's countless efforts outwitting, looking for that one weakness necessary for victory, yet as each blow which made it through, it's clear each move wasn't as quick or accurate, some would even call his actions sloppy, but they were still surging with incredible amounts of will never to surrender as not just his, but his friend relied upon his success. 

Taking the wolf off guard, even for a fragile of second, the soldier used the hilt of his sword, knocking the wolf out cold. Adrian was down, he felt everything disappearing. 
Was this it? He thought while he could do nothing but hear the soldier approaching until he would but a single move finish the wretched foe. 

"Now where are we?"

The unarmed soldier did not warrant the dragon's desire about uncovering it's destination. No, instead it just acted like it was without conscious or fear. It went for the dragon, armed or not, it still had it's solidified armor which to protect it self from any further attacks. Thus it thought off nothing more then wounding the dragon.
After asking about where he and this knight were, Scarloc saw the soldier run up. His opponent seemed to still want to fight, although it had no weapon. The dragon didn't want to fight, since the soldier was unarmed. But he will defend himself if attacked, which seems likely as he wasn't going to get answers from the enemy.

The knight went to hit the dragon with it's forearm, but Scarloc jumped over it getting out of the way, but he landed on one of his injured front leg's. The beast sighed as he looked at the scratch on his leg.

Scarloc looked back at the soldier and it was just standing there looking on, as if it was waiting for the beast to be ready. He started to think about his battle. His opponent had the advantage when he was fighting him and Adrian. In this area the dragon had his full power, and he wasn't in his weak hyena form. It was almost like this was a test. The beast didn't seem to change back into his canine form anytime soon. The knight charged towards the dragon, but Scarloc fired his ice again, and froze the knight apart from it's head, as he wanted the soldier to talk "What are you? I have fought many enemies before, and none would of taken it easy on me if I'm injured."


Far from the pyramid in the snow area. John woke up near a lake, next to a mountain. He stood up, and had a pain in his right knee, and he noticed it had a bandage on it. The jackal slowly walked over to the lake and saw there was a cave in the mountain, with the water flowing out. As he was gazing he heard a familiar voice behind him. "I found just outside there, you're lucky to be alive." He turned around and saw it was Simon sitting on a tree stump.

The fox stood up and walked over to the jackal, and gestured to the cave. "What were you doing in there? You were unconscious when I found you, also you may have some broken bones." Simon looked at the cave and then glanced at John. "Did you find Angela and Adrian? Are they in there too? He said pointing at the mountain.

John walked over to the tree stump and sat down. "I found her and we both looked for Adrian, but we couldn't find him. We found a pyramid, and a dragon came. A creature that was once thought to be extinct on this island attacked us. Me and Angela was standing on a path to the pyramid, and that thing destroyed it. I pushed her off the path, and I fell with the rubble into the water below it. I heard her shouting my name, so she may still be okay. Before I could respond, one of the pieces of the path hit me, knocking me out." The jackal looked at his bandaged knee. "I guess there was more damage done, since I was unconscious."

Simon walked onto a path. "Nicole told me to look for you, since you were gone for a while. We are heading to a village on the beach, that is where everyone is living now, since your leader left, Alfred I think his name is." The fox walked ahead.

John found a stick, and used it to help him walk. He caught up to the fox, and wondered why he wasn't looking for the coyote. "Angela is still out there. Shouldn't you look for her?" He looked back at the mountain, noticing some snow on the top. If the pyramid was up there, he assumed she was too.

The fox glanced back at the jackal. "once I get you back to the village, I will look for Angela then. Since you're injured, I will get you to safety. That's what we did when we were guards back home." 

Simon and John came to the trees of the forest. The jackal looked at the fox, and gestured to the path. "I can get to the village at the beach on my own from here." The canine pointed to the mountains far behind them, as the sky was getting lighter. "The pyramid is in that area. You will find Angela and hopefully Adrian there. It also looks like it will be dawn soon, so getting there might be easier."

Simon agreed with the jackal and headed to the mountains, to go look for the coyote and the wolf.
At the final notion, a last sending creating an almost surreal light from the ring. An surge of strength sent the wolf literally flying back on his feet, feeling more complacent then ever. No words whatsoever could explain this, nor how he yet again comes to life from an almost death experience. 
They both flung them self toward each other, none willing to give in to another. 

Unyielding slashes until the lethal blow sent the soldier flying backward with Adrian's sword stuck in it's chest. 

On the opposite side, dragon didn't receive no answers, only more questions surely, alas the spell seemed to fade away, and suddenly both Adrian and Scarloc had been reunited at what seemed like the final room. 
The room was fairly large, while the walls were mostly decorated with hieroglyphics, but also paintings in blood. The floor was relatively smooth to the touch, almost like an everyday living room floor, while the roof it self was hollow. They could finally see the stars decorating the dark black sky. 
At the center stands no other then the same soldier which they've had their life's challenged altogether. Beside him an mid-sized altar which reached to the man's waist. On top in glass encased with what appeared very much like what the legend had mentioned. A golden armor, very similar to that of the guardian which they've fought. Beside it however was something that really made the wolf pique an interest. 
Nothing which had been mentioned in stories or legends as far he remembered been told. It may be insignificant for anyone beside him, but for some reason his name had been decorated upon it's blade, however the middle name was strangely unknown. 

At first, Adrian wasn't sure how to react. At first he was glad knowing his friend was back, and in all well shape and form at that. Questions... So many, but sadly he knew they were already running out off time. As from the horizon which you could barely see from this rather enclosed room, morning daylight was at fast approach, and if yet another legend is true, if they can't get out in time, they'll be trapped here until the next full moon. Which would be the death, or at least to him, knowing he would ultimately had to sacrifice him self, or attempt to kill a dragon, but most likely he would become the fodder. 

None where timely enough to speak, before the guardian announced. 
"You've done well, sadly I cannot answer your questions, as I'm sure you have many." His hand motioned toward the armor and the sword. But before he finished. 
"Don't think I've forgotten you dragon Scarloc, as I shall rid this curse which has been difficult to bare I imagine the last couple of years, a gift in fact from your own mother."

Adrian was about to respond, yet the guardian just rattled into pieces of metal. As if that armor he once armed him self with was now, rusted. Quickly realizing their one ticket out from here was on Scarloc's back, but before they would depart, he equipped him self with the sword, only carrying the armor across his shoulder. It was quite heavy, yet he wouldn't imagine it any difficult for his dragon friend carrying them outside. 

"I'm ready.." Though truthfully he was filled with so much unanswered questions, and how did he knew about Scarloc's mother. But from the look of things, they've been fighting an ancient spirit this whole time.
Simon was walking in the field looking at the mountain, thinking how was going to get up there. He guessed that Angela and Adrian didn't climb up to get to the pyramid, so he was looking for a trail. But it turned out the fox didn't need to find the path, as saw the coyote walking down a hill, what he assumed was the way to the pyramid.

Angela was walking down the hill with here arms folded because she was cold. She saw Simon and quickly headed towards him. "I'm glad to see you. But I think John might dead. We were at the pyramid and there was this red dragon..."

Simon held out his hand and shook his head. "It's okay. I found John unconscious outside a cave not far from here. He's fine, but he may have some injuries. He headed to a village on the beach, which is where everyone is now." The fox started a fire and saw Angela was shivering, he also noticed the bow and sword she had. "Where did you find those weapons?"

The coyote sat down by the fire to warm herself up. She was happy to hear the jackal was okay. She put the bow and the sword on the ground and looked at Simon and gestured to the weapons. "The sword is John's. After he fell, the blade was all what was left. I got it before it fell in too. The bow belonged to someone called Scott. He said he would help me, and we headed to a village north of here, where they were other lions the same as him. But he or they didn't want to help. They have a statue of that dragon what broke the path to the pyramid, and since it attacked us, those felines saw me as an enemy too. So I ran and when I got back to the pyramid, I knocked him out."

Angela looked to the hill. "But he got away and I haven't seen him since. But I saw that dragon again, although it didn't attack me. I don't why, but I'm glad it didn't." The coyote put her hands in front of the fire and yawned. "Are we going to go back to the pyramid and get Adrian?" She said as she looked back at the fox.

Simon shook his head. "We will wait here. Adrian will probably find us, if he can see the fire." He looked at the mountains and wondered if the lion village to the north were allies with Edward's group. He also was keeping a lookout for that enemy fox's group, since they were still out there. The canine glanced back at Angela and noticed she was asleep. The canine returned to keeping a lookout, to see if Adrian was out there.


Back inside the pyramid. Scarloc and Adrian were reunited, and the curse what dragon had was lifted. No longer the beast would turn into the hyena, the fallen warrior he named Lance. He looked at the guardian. "Thank you." He said with a smile. Soon after he saw the guardian's armour fall to the ground and break into pieces, but there was no one inside. He wondered if the armour was the guardian, or was it only it's spirit that resided within the suit.

Scarloc looked up, seeing a gap at the top. It looked to be the only way out, which meant he would have to help Adrian get out of the pyramid. The dragon looked back at the wolf who said he was ready to leave. He gestured to his back and sighed. "Climb on, it seems the only way out is at the top. I can fly us out." He waited until the canine climbed up to his back. "Hold on." The beast began to fly up, hovering above the floor. He then flew up through the gap, and he and his friend exited the pyramid.

In the sky. Scarloc saw it would soon be dawn, he saw on the field down below two other canines a coyote and a fox, sitting by a fire. He flew down and landed on the grass.

Simon quickly got up and drew his sword. "Stay away beast you have done enough damage, by attacking her" He said as he gestured to Angela. "And by almost killing one of our friends."

The fox was about attack the beast, but Angela grabbed his arm, stopping him. The coyote saw it had grey scales, and the one that attacked was red. She also noticed that a familiar wolf was sitting on the dragon's back. "Simon that's not the one who attacked. And Adrian is with it." The canine also noticed the was a gold suit of armour too.

The dragon looked at the coyote. "My name Scarloc miss, and thank you for stopping your friend from attacking. You mentioned you were attacked by another of my kind before?" He was surprised to hear that there was another beast like him, living on the island.

Simon sheathed his sword, and looked to the trees to the west. "It might be best if we talk back at the new village. John is probably back there by now. Follow me."

Angela walked with Simon to the trees, entering the forest. They then walked on the path to the new village. Scarloc along with Adrian, flew up above the trees and followed the two canines to their village.
Making sure not to leave nothing behind, Adrian eagerly took a seat upon Scarloc's majestic form. Quickly ascending toward the sky, the wolf merely did as he had been told, while he wouldn't lie, the view was fantastic. Swiftly making way what looked like a small camping site. A few known faces, Simon who immediately took to his weapon, not surprised considering who wouldn't if something as large landed right next to them, unaware of it's purpose. Luckily the second face in camp was Angela, however while mentioning another dragon, perhaps there's hope for this race after all. Though apparently aggressive enough that the fox had intentions on charging an full-on attack if necessary. 
Anyway, she eased the tense air between them, allowing for a chance discussing any further. 

Adrian who's already seated with the armor and sword balancing on his legs, they quickly took off again heading toward the beach-base to see John. He hadn't even had a chance to convey upon the matter what they've accomplished and perhaps someone could tell him why his middle-name stands on this sword, and why it hasn't been mentioned before, seen as all other artifacts such as the armor which he'd happily give away.  

Took an hour reaching their destination, probably faster if it hadn't been for the decision travelling as one, perhaps for a good reason considering if Simon acted like he did, what could've easily escalate everyone at the dragon believing he's a monster looking to create havoc. 
Fortunate any provocations was easily handled. Finally Adrian could slide down Scarloc's thigh finding him self standing on his own accord, most of his reason for it was that he felt almost to overwhelmed admiring the spectacle of flight. Patting his friend on his knee, looking to the others, dropping down the armor upon the ground, taking a moment to approach Angela, folding his arms around her. 
He didn't say a word until they shortly after separated, "hey! how you holding up?" Appreciative she's all and well, not knowing what she's had to deal with ever since he took off in his goose chase.

Acknowledging the interest on the armor, he immediately gestured, "take it to your leader, perhaps it may help our battle against Edward and his junkies." At least with one piece, including the sword which he once borrowed, their only missing that hammer which is so sought looked out for. 

It wouldn't be long before John arrives to see them, Adrian remains at the back admiring the acquired sword. The name imprinted Valiant Whitefang, what does it mean. Has one of his forefathers had this? Only one way to find out..

After all had embraced the dragon's presence being a friend at that, the black wolf approached John, out of courtesy they both reached out their hands, greeting one another, before Adrian gestured toward the armor. "Perhaps this can turn the battle in our favors eh?" 
Yet he couldn't wait further, he needed to know whether the jackal knew about the inscription on this crystallized sword. 
"Any idea why my middle name is the owner of this? And more importantly, ever heard of a name Whitefang?" 

Perhaps he'll knew, perhaps he doesn't, maybe he'll have to seek out the indigenous people for more answers, but it's clear this isn't just a fluke. 

((If it isn't obvious, but if you want to own the knowledge Valiant is Adrian's grand-grand-grand father, and well Whitefang stands for my dragon, but I'll leave to you whether you want John to be familiarized with such or not.))
They soon arrived at the at the village on the coast. John along with his wife and many of the residents, seemed to be waiting for three canines to return, although is was surprised that a dragon was among them. At least it wasn't the beast what attacked him and Angela at the pyramid.

Angela looked at John and was happy to see that he was okay. She saw Adrian climb down from Scarloc, and she was angry about him running off. Before the coyote could say anything, the wolf hugged her then asked how she was. "I'm fine and I'm glad you're okay." She noticed the suit of golden armour he and the dragon brought back. "It looks like it has been rewarding, where did you find it?"

Instead of answering her question. The canine suggested he should take the armour to whoever was in charge. Nicole along with her husband walked over as she overheard the wolf. "Since Alfred betrayed us, I'm the new leader." The jackal took the armour and gestured Angela to follow her, since Adrian was talking with John.

Angela was following the jackal, she looked at the armour. "Adrian said that might be helpful in case Edward and his guards show up." The coyote didn't see anything special about the suit, apart from it was gold.

Eventually both canines arrived at some huts. Nicole leaned the armour against the wall of the house she and John were living in. "The armour seems powerful, it will adjust to whoever wears it. I don't know where Adrian found this, but it looks to be very strong." The jackal then looked to Angela and gestured to another hut. "Your house is there, and Simon's is next door. Your friend said since you both might be on this island for a while, it will best if you have somewhere to live." She looked down the beach and saw her husband is still talking with the wolf. She wondered if he was going to show him where his hut is.

"Thank you." Angela said as she headed to her home. Inside the hut was circular with a straw ceiling, there was also a bed and a table by the window with a chair. The coyote sat on the bed and saw the sun rising. Even though it was morning, the canine was tired since she didn't much sleep the during the night. She rested her head on a pillow and closed her eyes.

Back at the beach John was talking with the Adrian. He mentioned that with the armour the battle with Edward might be a lot easier. He also asked why his middle name was on the sword he had. The jackal looked a the name what was Valiant. "I don't know much, but I heard he was a warrior. I don't know if he lived on this island." He then looked at the canine. "You said that name on the sword was your middle name? Well that he was wolf too, so I guess he was a relative of yours."

Adrian also mentioned if the jackal heard of another name on the sword. John shook his head. "I never heard of Whitefang, but someone who has lived on this island might know." The canine said as he gestured to dunes, where he saw the dragon was sleeping. "But I would wait until he wakes up."

The jackal turned around and yawned. He glanced back at the wolf "There is an extra hut to sleep in, it's near where me and Nicole are living. I'm heading back there now, so I can show you where it is if you want." John started to walk slowly back to his house, since he was injured from fall down the hole, outside the pyramid. He wondered how long it would take for the injury to heal, as he wouldn't be much helpful to anyone at the moment.

Back at the dunes were the Scarloc was sleeping. He started to hear a voice in his head. "You awoke me from what was supposed to be my endless slumber. There were many that wanted your kind gone, but not me. I was one of the few who fought for the dragons, until I my end came." The beast opened his eyes, but he saw no one was there. He didn't know who that voice was, but now all he could hear were the waves in the ocean. It seemed the voice had stopped, so he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.
Adrian careful caressed the sword in possession upon learning past relative might've been the owner of this weapon. Quickly focusing upon the jackal, with a single nod, "sounds like a plan, I'm shattered." Accompanying John until they both split up wishing each other a good night sleep, if there is such a thing in these dire times. 
Once inside his tent, he felt the endless desire lying down, finally knowing he doesn't have to worry about wyverns hunting for him. 

Upon next morning, Adrian takes a few minutes stretching out all his limbs, before bringing the sword with him outside. As soon he abandons his tent he can hear some commotion going on. Whether someone arguing or wanting attention, it was difficult to tell, so the only natural thing, was to see what's all this fuzz is all about. Arriving at the spot, he hadn't been the only one drawn toward the noise. It all comes to someone attempting to steal the armor. A potential traitor looking to deliver it to Edward or Alfred, no matter the one in question doesn't seem the slightest interested excusing his actions, rather spitting two feline who's at the moment apprehending the unwillingly. 
Rather furious, Adrian found it sloppy leaving the armor unattended, due to it's importance, yet he refrained from interfering as the situation had been successfully adjourned.

His punishment was ideally too weak, simply tying him around one of the tree's near the outskirt of the encampment. Two was assigned keeping an eye out for further oppressors who's set as stone, wanting nothing more then to deal a crucial blow at John and his traitors, as in their eyes, we, (Adrian, John, Angela, Scarloc, etc are all traitors.) 
Even if the nature proves dangerous with it's many mysteries, it's no question about it, we aren't at war, but it's very close.
The best of action would've been executing anyone who dare oppose, but the escaped prince figured that would make them equals to their nemesis. 

Adrian found him self shortly after with the company of the dragon. It's obvious he seeks answers, question whether he could offer a good result. But at first, he couldn't help but ask, "how's it been sleeping as your own. I mean after all this time having what I could've easily referred to as an split personality." Hopefully he wouldn't take any offense by him saying so. 

Bringing up his next question shortly after. "Hey Scarloc, you wouldn't happen to have heard of a name known as Whitefang being mentioned." He wasn't sure whether such a name would make any difference, but perhaps he may know where to look for further answers around this peculiar name which haunts the wolf as much his potential relative. 

In an entirely different place near the enormous ocean by an secluded beach there's a person uncovering a certain bottle with some valuable Intel and a map. 
"Ready the crew, it's time we sail." The mysterious character uttered in a dark looming voice, clear as a wolf howling at the moon. 

Appearing out from the mist, a grand sail ready it self travelling the ocean toward the island which has been marked upon the map. On top of the mast a flag clearly signifying their purpose, pillage and destroy. Pirates of the worst kind. 

Several of the crew members seemed almost inhuman with their torsos torn in an diagonal pattern, or at least not far from it. Even if their looks would say their one of the slow kind, they tend to the ship, readying it for sailing with an incredible swiftness. 
The captain him self, with it's long beard stretching down to his abdomen in an grayish/black color. As for the rest of him, seemed rather short in size, but his voice and overall appearance has earned the respect of the foulest men ever crossing the sea.  

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