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MetallixCast Ashore
Starting from April 12, @Zamau :

In the forest nearby the ruined village. Angela was running from that archer, she wanted to find Adrian and Alex, as they could be returning with John's friend. She stopped and looked around, she didn't which way the two wolves went and she was in part of the forest what was unfamiliar to her. 

The coyote saw leader's henchman run up. Before he could find her she climbed up one of the trees, but as she was climbing the archer grabbed her ankle trying to get her down. "Get off me!" She yelled. But archer was still trying to get her down from the tree. Angela scratched the archer 's hand with the claws on her other foot and he released her ankle. The canine then continued up the tree.

The archer drew his bow and aimed it at the coyote. He thought he could make her climb back down, since the leader wanted her alive. 

After the journey through the forest. Alex knew he and Adrian along with Thomas and Simon would be back at the village. Although he noticed a large cloud above the trees, as well as some of the trees covered in ash. 

The wolf came to the village and saw it was mostly all gone. "What happened here?" He said in a shocking tone. The other canine put his hand his shoulder. Alex didn't say anything he just walked ahead and looked around. He saw his house was gone along with many others, some were still standing, but the roof's were destroyed. 

Alex then heard someone yelling from the forest, although it was faint but it sounded like someone was in trouble. He looked at the two canine's and feline. "Do you hear that? They might be from the village." He ran into the forest to find who was yelling. Simon and Tom ran after him, the fox gestured Adrian to follow.

Alex soon found the archer aiming an arrow at Angela, who was up in a tree. "Nathaniel What is going on here?" He said as he stopped behind him.

The archer turned around and saw the wolf and gestured to the coyote. "She overheard me and Alfred talking about the cave we found. We may soon find the treasure, but no one outside the village should know." Nathaniel lowered his weapon. "That woman and that wolf, who arrived in the village are Edward's enemies, so that makes them ours too." 

Alex was puzzled by what the archer was saying. "What do you mean? What cave?" The wolf didn't know that the leader was looking for the treasure on this island too. He thought the lion didn't care for the hidden relics. But to his surprise, it seems Alfred is working with Edward. He looked up at coyote in the tree, then looked back at Nathaniel. "So the village leader wanted you to get rid Angela?" He said with anger in his voice.

Nathaniel shook his head. "No... Alfred told me you and maybe others will turn against us if she and probably that other wolf were killed." The archer aimed his bow at Alex. "But since you are helping our enemies, I guess our leaders don't care if you live or die."
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"I'll catch up, you go on ahead." Setting heroism aside, an rather selfish decision some may think, yet feeling confident three able warriors should do the trick, unless. 
Whatever his intention was, he needed to act fast. He had no interest finding the missing civilians, probably already secure due to such an possible event occurring. Instead he took a different path, which led further north from the now would-be-village, torn by mother nature's wrath. In fact, his trail only led him further away, until none of the ruined buildings were visible. 
He started running to save time, as if something was all this time guiding him toward his destination. 

Seemingly transcending into a snowy landscape, the cold intensifying, yet that's the bonus of having thick fur. 
Ignoring such, even the sudden snow storm creating a visual hazard, with bare minimum visibility. None of the factors seemed to hinder the wolf. 
Nor did he care much for what the others would feel about him ignoring a woman's cry for help, but ever since... He's had a strong visualizing reality shown to him. All he knew was that he needed to reach the pyramid. Everything else felt shallowly distant, but even that didn't led his decision astray. 

Knowing that he ventured all alone, without supplies, without an actual guide knowing the way, and any indication on how far his journey would be. 

Back at the temple, the leopard carried on patching those in need, until he spotted the cheetah. 
Quickly bandaging the crippled one's arm, not sure if it would be worth saving, but he wasn't man enough knowing whether that's true or not, so he simply tried to reassure the crying feline that all is not lost, until a licensed doc says so. 
Briefly leaving a hand upon the cat's shoulder before trying to catch up with the cheetah. 
Grabbing his attention by hollering his name, as if wanting to him to halt, or at least allow him to catch up. 
"ETHAN... hey hold up." As soon they were in an aligned fashion walking side-by-side. The spotted feline decided to come forth with some information concerning those in critical need of medical support. 
"Your aware most of these men are ether severely crippled, amputations might even be necessary for some, we can't just sit here waiting... Perhaps we should attempt the indigenous people for help."

Seth wasn't sure if Ethan even had the slightest idea of who had drawn his attention, but if it's of any use. 
"Name's Seth if you aren't familiar with me, as we have mostly served on different fronts, I as well haven't been agreeing with Edward's maniacal desire of this hammer, I'm surprised there wasn't more of his men ditching his leadership when you acted like you did."
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As Simon and Tom ran to where Alex went. They saw an archer aiming his bow at the wolf, and stopped to the side of him. He noticed Angela was up tree. "Are you okay?" The fox said as he started to walk over to the tree, but stopped as an arrow hit the ground near him. 

Nathaniel aimed his bow at Simon as he drew another arrow. "Don't move!" He shouted. "That coyote overheard me and the leader talking, she is our prisoner." He said as he gestured at Angela. 

Simon looked at the archer and got angry. "Well your prisoner is a friend of mine, and after surviving a shipwreck and getting washed up on this damn island, I'm not in a very good mood. So lower your weapon!" He shouted.

Nathaniel was about to fire, but the jaguar quickly shoved him to the ground. He dropped his bow as he fell, and Tom picked up the archer's bow and took his arrows. "Stand up cat!" The jaguar shouted, as he aimed and arrow at him.

Nathaniel stood up and put his hands up, surrendering as he was unarmed and outnumbered. He glanced back at what was left of the village, wondering is anyone was going to help him. Although he didn't know who else were on Alfred's side, it might be just only be him.

Angela climbed down from the tree and hugged Simon, as she was happy to see him again. "I don't know how log it's been, but I'm glad you're okay." The coyote walked ahead looked around, but couldn't see Adrian. 

Simon assumed Angela was looking for Adrian, as both Alex and Tom were by the tree. "Your friend told us to go ahead, he will catch up." The fox didn't know what the wolf was doing, but he hoped he wouldn't be too long, since there were more enemies, apart from Edward's guards, who were on the island.

Alex looked at Tom and gestured to Nathaniel. "Keep watching him. I'm going to go in the caverns, I guess that's were everyone went. I will bring John here." The wolf started to run back to the ruined to get the jaguar's friend. 

Back at the encampment, outside the ruined temple. Ethan heard someone calling out his name, while running over. The cheetah was then told that some of the guards were seriously injured, and they may have to lose some limbs. "We are doing the best we can." The feline looked around the encampment there were some how knew how to help, and Albert, now the only mage in the area, was helping too using his magic. But it still wasn't enough. 

It was also suggested that others on this island might help. "There is a tribe in the forest, maybe they can help."

The guard then told Ethan his name. The cheetah had seen the leopard before but he never knew his name, he told him that he didn't care about the relics Edward after. He also didn't know why the fox still has many guards on his side. "Maybe they think they're going to get rewarded, once the treasure is found."

Ethan looked around at the wounded guards and looked back at Seth. "We should go find that tribe. The faster we find them, the faster they could get here, and help the wounded." The cheetah began to walk out of the encampment, and into the forest. As the feline waited for the leopard, he looked back at the encampment and was sad that many might not survive their injuries. Hopefully that won't happen when they return.
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Further astray from civilization. Biting cold sets an example for the unwary traveler. Yet nothing seemed to affect the obsessive mind of the black wolf, continuing to push forwards. 
Finally with a white muzzle, the weather decided it was time to shift to a more pleasant variation. In front of him, as far his eyes could see was a distinctive object hoovering above the ice river, which made the whole stretch feel barren, with only tree's dotting the outline. 

The surface was slippery giving little traction for the uneasy traveler, food was also another burden as his belly growled and twisted it self out from the lack of food. There was literally nothing edible as far he could tell. Also certain standards giving away he wouldn't attempt chewing bark. The ice seemed impenetrable, so there was little in form of wildlife, or that's at least what he thought until something in the far distance approached with the sounding vibration beneath his feet. 
He wasn't sure whether he need to put his sword to use or not, yet by how they snared their large teeth, drooling viciously, these majestic yet gruesome creatures was very familiar to wyvern's without wings, or at least that's what the wolf had managed to interpret from a distance. 

Unsheathing his sword, not sure how to make a stance, as surely most likely he would have to deal with them to reach his destination. If that's even possible, considering the lack of energy. 
Shortly after they were within unsafe distance, one immediately used it's hind legs like a trampoline, offering significant height, lifting it self in an offensive forward arc. Adrian's mere reaction drove his sword in an upward fashion, scratching the wyvern belly, creating a slight open wound, blood on the tip of his sword. All he could hear was a mustering growl from it's counterpart, who literally slammed it's head into the wolf, who vaguely attempted sliding sideways, yet he wasn't able to slide, due to the thin layer of snow, making it a hazard to move and dodge incoming attacks. 
Loss of a breathe as he was lunged backwards, every limb leaving the ground beneath him, before being embraced yet again in the most uncomfortable way he could've addressed. 

He couldn't give in, he had to carry on fighting, as whatever visionary image had led him as far, didn't want him to fail. No.. unless it was all a fools errand giving false hope. 
Quickly getting back on his feet, knowing he couldn't wast even a fragile of a second thinking about the pain which inflicts one, twice or even three of his ribbons. 
Sword back in his hand, he acted solely in a strangely berserk rampage, screaming with rage as if believing even for a fragile off of a second he could cause fear into the wild guardians.
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Tom still had an arrow aimed at tiger, as Alex went to go get John. He didn't know why the archer and the leader of what used to be the village, would work for Edward. After what he saw back at the temple, the fox didn't seem to care about his guards, only the treasure. After waiting for sometime, the jaguar saw the jackal walking up, but wolf wasn't with him.

John smiled as he was glad to see his friend was still alive, and no longer Edward's prisoner. He saw Nathaniel, who Alex told him about as well as the leader Alfred. The wolf also told him about someone else who helped them, and the jackal was surprised to hear it was Simon. He saw Angela, but not the canine who took his place in rescuing Tom. "Where's Adrian? Is he okay?" He said as he tied the tiger's wrists together.

Simon looked down the trail and then to the jackal. "He said he would catch up, but that was a while ago."

John walked up to the fox and gestured down the trail. "Why didn't you wait for him? We are heading to another area, since the village here is destroyed. Also Alfred is gone and since he is working for Edward We have to get away from this area before he returns." He said angrily. 

As soon as Angela heard that Adrian has been gone for long time, she headed down the trail to look for him. She thought Edward and his guards might of found him, maybe that's why he didn't catch up. She came to the end of the trail, and onto a field, she couldn't see the wolf anywhere and she didn't know he had gone.

Back in the forest. Simon didn't like that John seemed to blame him for Adrian not being here. "I think Adrian can find this new area we're heading too on his own!" The fox shouted.

The two canines and feline heard Nathaniel laugh. The fox walked over to tiger and got angry. "What is so funny?!" He yelled.

The tiger pointed to the trail. "While you and John were arguing. That coyote headed down there. I guess she went to find Adrian." He said as he grinned.

John looked to Jaguar and gestured to the ruined village. "Tom. You and Simon take Nathaniel to the caverns, then head to the new area with the rest of the villagers. Alex and Nicole are waiting." He then gestured to the trail. "I'm going to go find Angela and Adrian." The jackal ran down the trail. And the fox and jaguar took the tiger to the caverns.
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Upon arriving into the indigenous people's village, Ethan and Seth both witnessed similar destruction which they witnessed at the old temple site. None of the citizens seemed to care about the strangers walking amidst. 
Of course one of the humans decided to come forth. None of which had the honor of meeting, however she has indeed met a few others before their time. 
"Can I help you?" Deciding on maintaining a neutral act, as not sure about their intention, at the same time, holding her right hand near her sword around the waist. 

Seth looked at first at Ethan, then back at her. 
"Well we were actually looking for someone able to check on our friends back at our encampment." Though ultimately asking such would be selfish considering they hadn't been the only one affected by all of this. 

Quickly examining both felines before taking a brief look back at those who she valued as her people, yet she's as foreign as they are, apart from her time, she's had the luxury teaching Latin. 
"I cannot speak for everyone, but if you give me a moment, I'll see if don't have some medicine available." Quickly scurrying back, disappearing behind a few broken houses, which walls still stands solid, pertaining an decent solitary point. 
Arriving shortly in return with a bag filled with herbs and tinctures as well a few tools, bandages, scissors, and so forth. 
"Take me there, I've learned enough taking care of majority of wounds." Not only that, but two volunteers had joined, shortly after arriving behind her, though none of the female spoke a single word, due to their innate language. 

Oomph... Another series of successful sword acrobatics into thin air, no matter how much he stretched out his muscles, each time they used their nimble movements, dodging almost each of the warrior futile attempts. Until one of them were offered a chance to counter, as even Adrian movements occasionally left him open. One of them whipped it's tail like a viper into the wolf's stomach, sending him flying, while dropping his weapon from the impact. Didn't help as he landed ontop of his own crippled hand, whimpering in pain, while struggling getting back up. 
None seemed willing to show him any second chances, as soon the wolf were onto his knees, he was literally headbutted into his chest, feeling like most of his bones shattered from the force. 
On his back, whether it was a distinctive reflex, avoiding barely the creature's maw, looking to finish the fighter once and for all. Quick as a flash, Adrian didn't hesitate a single second, used his elbow and smashed it, toward the wyvern's mouth, who immediately retracted backwards, stumbling leaving a few of it's teeth as well some blood. 

Yet he was mincemeat already, as the second wyvern had every opportunity to strike the vulnerable target.
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After leaving the encampment, it didn't take the two feline's long to find the village, where hopefully they will get some help with the wounded. Ethan looked around and saw the ruined huts in the area, so he didn't know if there will be anyone that will help since some tribe might have injuries too.

He soon saw a woman walk towards them, armed with a sword, she wondered what they were both doing here. Ethan heard the leopard tell her about their injured friends back at the encampment. As they were talking. The cheetah noticed a temple in the village, and it looked a lot stronger than the one by the encampment, as it was still standing.

The women left to get some medicine, if she had any left since the tribesmen would have needed help too. Ethan guessed there would be other areas on the island that would be destroyed too. 

The woman returned and she was going to help them along with two others. Ethan gestured to follow him as he started to walk back to the encampment. He was glad that they got some assistance, since so far it's only been Albert helping the injured.

Outside the forest in a field. John found Angela walking far ahead. He shouted the coyote's name as he ran over to her. "Where are you going? Alex told me that Edward is heading towards this way, with his guards. We are heading to a new area, since the village is now destroyed." 

Angela turned around and faced the jackal, as he wanted to know where she was heading. "I'm going to look for Adrian, he and Alex left to get your friend, but he didn't come back. I want to know why."

John nodded. "Them I'm going with you. He still has that sword I gave him" The jackal then drew another sword. "I gave Adrian the wrong sword. The weapon he has is one of the treasures of the island. It's power is gone at the moment, but it will return, I just don't know when."

Angela turned back around and wondered if the village leader knew about the sword. "Does Alfred know about the sword? Is that treasure he is looking for?" She said as looked at the trees to see if Edward was nearby.

The jackal shook his head. "That lion thinks there is only one treasure. There is more than one. There is that sword Adrian has and a golden Warhammer. There are others too, but I have never found them."

As John was talking. Angela noticed a shadow on the ground, she looked up and she couldn't believe what she saw. It was a dragon flying by. She ran looking up at the sky wondering where it was heading. The coyote stopped as she came to a river, and the beast flew away.

In the sky the dragon flew to another area of the island, where it was cold. He heard a sound coming form ground below, he looked down and saw someone was in danger. It was that same wolf he helped before, but this time the canine was fighting wyverns. 

The beast flew down and landed on the ground, and looked at the wyvern he noticed the wolf who looked wounded. He opened his mouth and fired frost breath at the wyvern, but the enemy moved out of the way. Dragon got angry and hit the ground. The wyvern knew it couldn't fight the dragon, so it ran away.

The dragon walked up to wolf, and wounded if he could talk. "Excuse me sir. Are you going to be okay, is there anything I can do to help?" The beast looked around to see if there were anymore enemies. Hopefully there won't be anymore wyverns, although the area seems to be their home.
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Several ribbons broken, his clothes, face and fur was covered in both his and the wyverns blood. On the ground, lying motionless yet fully aware that someone did indeed save his scrawny life at his very limit of existence. Using his right hand, lifting it off the ground, and with a thumbs up facing toward where the voice came from. Not only until seconds later was he aware that this was that same dragon who had aided both him and Alex, couple of days ago. 
"Hey there.." Struggling making sense as he tried communicating, while both in shock and awe that the rumors was indeed true.. dragons are able to speak fluidly like any ordinary citizen. 

"I must confess I've felt better." Continuing to struggle with his words, but hopefully it was understandable enough. Attempting to get up into a sitting position proved exceptionally difficult... alas using his healthiest hand, leaning towards it, making him self as comfortable he could, considering his status. 
"I owe you my life.. your name dragon, if you have one?" For a moment all thoughts on what had led him here in the first place was all forgotten, nor did his much precious jewel create much in form of vibration, what it had initially done before his face-off with the airborne monsters. 

Everything about his facial expression said he was in a terrible condition, but he consistently made an effort getting back on his feet, until he once more looked at awe toward his savior. 
It sure is breezy up here, how'd you make a living here?" Perhaps one two many questions now, but hey he felt this creature meant no harm, if that'd be the case, why would he have saved him in the first place. 
In fact, he felt so committed that he reached for his pocket, pulling out both his chopped off finger, as well the attached ring. Known for their wast knowledge he felt the urge wanting to know if he knew anything about this precious artifact. 
"This too have saved my life, even for it's grim truth, have you ever seen it before?" Making sure he reached his hand out too the fullest, making sure his airborne drake would be allowed some time to observe it. 

In fact the ring is one of four legendary artifacts said to exist on this island. The other would be the hammer which Edward and his faithful henchman are so lustrous of reaching. Then there's two other which are still unknown. Yet whoever finds them all, and as you'd expect, equip them would make it's wearer immortal. Said truth, only the dragons on this island may know it's true extent of these, but not all have been as concealed like another.

Ethan, Seth, Tanya and the two helpers wasn't wasting time, and managed to reach back to their people in less then a few hours, all thanks to the indigenous pair, knowing the landscape far better then most visitors on this island. 
Each scattered about as soon they saw those wounded. Tanya decided to come forth and introduce her self toward the feline pair. 
"So, aren't you one of those in league of this madman which our people speak off... No matter, I do not hold you for what you've done or what your about to do, yet allow me at least to introduce my self, my name's Tanya. I've lived here at least the last five years, learning the indigenous people's ways and their language. It's actually Latin, if anyone of you two have ever learned it's language?" 

It's true, her biggest weakness is that she's very fond of speaking a lot. But she do have a kind spirit, as in she's willing to help anyone, no matter their background as long she isn't required, like an explicit order.
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After the dragon fought off the wyvern, the wolf thanked him and he also asked for his name. "You're welcome and you can call me Skarloc." The beast sat down on the ground and saw that the battle the canine just had left him injured and it could take a while for him to heal, as he saw how hard it was for him to move.

The dragon grinned as he heard the wolf talk about how cold it was in the area, he also wondered how the beast could get by too. "This is nothing, further north in the mountains it gets a lot colder. I can survive just fine, but sometimes I do fly to other areas, if it gets too tough here." He said and gestured around the area.

As he was talking, the wolf showed him a ring which was round a finger. The dragon looked at the ring and noticed the canine's bandaged hand, so he assumed finger was his. "Where did you find that!" The beast yelled as he was furious as he saw the ring. Although it may have helped the dog survive since he found it. Skarloc knew that ring as well as three other artefacts were used during a war, which is the reason this island exists. 

"This place wasn't always an island. Centuries ago this used to be a large kingdom joined on to a continent, the kingdom was a land of dragons called Lynthior. For many years we lived here, there was no battles or wars. But a few years later others came to this land, some from other continents, some from the one this island used to be joined to. We all thought we could live together in harmony."

Skarloc looked at the snow covered trees of the forest. "But as more came to Lynthior, they wanted the beasts gone so they made weapons. With the mages and sorcerers they had, they enchanted them and they killed many of their enemies with them. He said with a sad tone in his voice. 

"But there was still some that would fight for the dragons as they just wanted to live here, not takeover the land. They had their weapons enchanted too, but as the enchanted weapons clashed, it caused the land to break apart, much of the land and the continent sank in the ocean. That ring you found enhances the power of one of the weapon's, and since the weapons are already enchanted that ring made one of them too powerful and now this is all what's left of Lynthior, it became an island."

As Ethan and Seth got back to the encampment with help from the tribe. Many were pleased to see that, there will be more to help the wounded now.

The woman asked if the cheetah and leopard were on the same side as Edward, she then told them her name.

The cheetah looked to Tanya. "We used to work for that fox, but not anymore. The treasure on this island seemed to be the only thing cared about. So many of us didn't want to work for him anymore." He looked at the ruins of the temple. "Although Edward still has some, that will fight for him." 

Tanya asked if either of them knew the language of the island. Ethan looked back at the woman, and shook his head. "I came to this island a few years ago, to look for treasure with three others. The only other folks we found living on the island at the time was Edward and others who worked for him. They spoke the same language as us, so at the time we assumed everyone spoke the same."
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"Not those I live with, they've been here since the birth of this island and from what I've gathered the uprising against the dragon species who lived peacefully among the indigenous people's ancestors. Most of them, hunted, or butchered. Don't think there's a single one left, even if the majority believe so."
It's not that they haven't been invigorating as an experience, considering their lore and architects have done what they can to preserve the dragons in their minds and thoughts. 

Without further ado, she took a moment looking across one of the feline's knee who's been crushed by fallen debris. Reaching for some liquid which has been properly mixed together with Turmeric and as well a certain moisture which she accordingly added on to ease the pain and wound getting swollen. Then adding bandage around the wound, maintaining the blood flow, well avoiding bad air and dust in the wound. 
"There you go, I'll come back swapping those bandage by next morning, okay." Leaving the fortunate cat with a smile on her lips. Returning back in line with Ethan, reassuring mentioning their in good hands now. 

All she ever wanted was a brief thank you in return. That's all she expected, really. 

All this time Seth had taken in what she's been telling about these indigenous people's dragon culture going back to the very beginning of this island's roots. Not only that, but perhaps they know about this hammer which Edward has been so obsessed about ever since he set foot on this place.
"Out of curiosity, you wouldn't have any idea on the whereabouts of this artifact which my past leader has been so desperately looking out for, gives us a chance to intervene an uneventful occurrence to occur I mean." 

As much she wanted, it was best no one knew about it's location, in matter of fact, it's rather useless in it's own state. Works exactly like any weapon would do in the right hands, yet with all four in the owners care, they'd be unstoppable. Hence why no dragon could kill an unstoppable warrior who seemed untouched by everything they'd throw at him. His only weakness, he aged just like everyone else, and in the end he was gone as well. 
"I'd rather not, mind I know you want to prevent this, but it's better off that the artifact remains hidden, as combined with three other pieces would be a death sentence. You already know about the hammer, but there's also a sword, a ring and an armor, covering everything." She knew very much about the artifacts them self, but she had never discerned their location. 

At first Skarloc's reaction, rather terrifying how furious he was by seeing the ring in wolf's possession. Considering retracting his hand, though honestly speaking, after hearing that it's one of four reasons that they almost become viped out.
Perhaps even lost his parents during the process, if so he was tempted just throwing it off into the snow, never to be uncovered again. At the same time, there was still this strong connection which was visualissed to him while literally being transparent to this world. Pulling his hand back, "I'm sorry to hear this Skarloc, wish there was something that could've been done to prevent this from ever happening." 

Feeling like a broken chariot, he decided to come out completely honest with the dragon. 
"As much I hate it, this piece saved my life, yet it also made so many other suffer in the process. Yet I had this ordeal vision that I need to seek out. Resting within the pyramid it self, yet what horror awaits me while I get there, I cannot fathom. Look, I know this is asking much, but would you be willing to help me uncovering what it tried to show me?" 
Chances he will dismiss, even warn him about venturing further, as these wyverns might just be the beginning.
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