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Cast Ashore
John had to make a decision. This dwarf wanted the armour he was wearing, if he didn't hand it over everyone at the beach village could die. Nicole was doing the best she could, at trying to hold back the magic caused by these pirates. Even Edward's former mage Albert was helping, but the enemy's power was too strong.

Some of the archers retreated from the area along with David and the last remaining residents. The lion didn't want to leave his home, but it seemed he had no choice. He saw all that was left, were the tiger and female jackal trying to hold back the power. He also saw John along with Simon. The feline then left the beach village as dirt from the enemy's magic started to form around the huts.

Ethan and Tom ran over to check on Seth, after he was sent flying back. The leopard was okay, but he looked seriously wounded. The cheetah picked up the injured soldier and ran from the beach to catch up to David and the residents. The jaguar noticed John and Simon were still out there. He also saw the two mages were trying. "Let's get the hell out of here!" He shouted.

The tiger stopped trying to hold back and left the beach. John took off the armour, as he thought it wasn't worth risking his life and others over it. As the jackal took off the suit, his leg became injured again. "Simon you will have to help me." The fox assisted the canine across the beach.

The two canines stopped by Nicole, who was still trying to hold back the enemy's power on her own. John looked at his wife. "We have to go this place is lost." The male jackal and fox then left the beach area.

Nicole stopped holding back the  and looked at the huts that was covered in dirt. One of them collapsed under the weight of the magic. The jackal was angry. She was chosen as the new village leader, so she thought she was responsible to protect the beach village. The canine looked at the armour and the pirates, and her hands started to glow orange. She was going launch a fire ball, but decided not to. She then left the beach to join the others, and let the enemy have their victory.


Back in the desert at the stone circle what Angela found with the roman numerals on. Adrian asked what they meant. Marcus walked up to the stone circle and looked at the wolf. "It's a sundial. It's been here for a long time, I think over 500 years. I guess the ancient dragons built it back when the island was a lot bigger. Our boss knows more about Lynthior's history than I do." The male coyote looked at the glowing numerals, and he was puzzled. "I don't know why they're doing that. I have been to this sundial many times and I have never seen the numerals light up before."

As Marcus was talking with Adrian about the sundial. Tanya told them to look what was in the sky. Angela looked up and saw it was a dragon, but she was puzzled since Scarloc mentioned he couldn't. Although she soon saw the flying beast had red scales, and it wasn't their friend. She had seen this creature before, at the pyramid in the snowy mountain.

The red dragon landed on the ground and looked at the four in the desert. He recognised the female coyote from before. He also saw the other canine and human as well as the wolf. "I am Skaul." The beast said in a loud thundering voice. "It seems three of you a helping my brother Scarloc, the coward and traitor to his own kind. May I ask why are you helping him? It was many of you before that wanted us gone to begin with."

Marcus looked up at the dragon and gestured to the human and two canines. "They are helping Scarloc, and I'm helping them. You said everyone wanted your kind gone from this island, but you left out those who would fight for you and the beasts."

Skaul looked angrily at the male coyote. "I am aware that most of you did fight for the dragons, but it was because of the inhabitants this part of Lynthior was split and the rest of the land sunk into the sea. I don't care who they fought for, it is still their fault."

The beast looked at the female canine. "I thought you looked familiar. You resemble a woman coyote that once lived on this land. She was one of the guardians, along with three others. The pyramid you're all heading to is dedicated to the four guardians."

Angela thought it was strange that Skaul said she looked like on of the former guardians. She didn't know whether to believe the dragon. She didn't even know if this beast was Scarloc's brother. He never mentioned him.

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