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ZamauShould there be a Sonic Adventure 3?
The first Sonic Adventure game was great and, you had the hub worlds aka adventure fields, so you could explore when not doing the levels, it seemed fitting of the name Sonic Adventure. Sonic Adventure 2 while I thought it was a good game, it did seem more linear than the first Sonic Adventure game. The only parts of the game that were adventure like, were the Knuckles and Rouge stages. To me Sonic Adventure 1 is the better of the two games. So to me the Adventure series ended on a high note.

So should there be a new game in the Sonic Adventure series. If it's an updated remake of Sonic Adventure 1 then yes, but in my opinion I don't think there should be a Sonic Adventure 3. Games like Sonic 2006 and Sonic Unleashed, what is also called Sonic World Adventure in Japan, did have the hub worlds like in Sonic Adventure 1. But the games didn't do too well, but I thought Sonic Unleashed was a good game. Anyway would Sonic 2006 or Sonic Unleashed be viewed differently, if either of those games were called Sonic Adventure 3?
I would be down for a remake but I wouldn't trust an Adventure 3 to in anyway live up to expectations or hype. I view Sonic 06 as essentially a continuation of Adventure but more ambitious for the new consoles. But it was rushed and they slowed down regular levels to make mach levels seem so much faster. If the game hadn't been rushed and they hadn't changed speed for the mach levels, it may have been good. I haven't played it in forever though.

I bet there are mods that fix a lot of the stuff on it for PC. I wonder if there's a complete mod that fixes all bugs and tweaks gameplay a bit?
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Sonic 06 seems to be a continuation of the Adventure games, since some parts of the levels were the same from the Adventure games. Like the whale chasing after you in Wave Ocean. I never got far in Sonic 06. I kept on dying in Wave Ocean where you have to run after the Egg Carrier.
I'd advise you watch a playthrough of it, at the very least. You can clearly see the attempts at making it Adventure 3, with the powerups and moveset additions and the attempts at where they were taking the story. But, as others have said, the bugs and rushed development held it back. Would we have liked it better without the bugs? Probably. Wouldn't have saved the story, but that's in the realm of what-ifs and maybes, and now it always will be.
Sonic 06 did seem rushed, since the two home console games before it were Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog. There didn't seem to be much time for developing since there isn't a big gap between the three games. In my opinion Sonic Heroes is the continuation of the adventure games. You still have Crush 40 doing the opening theme, as well as the final boss theme, I also thought it was pretty good game too. It's not called Sonic Adventure 3, but I think it finishes of that series.
I would like to see a Sonic Adventure 3 if it was done correctly, in the same vein as SA1 and SA2. However, if it fell flat and had the issues that Sonic 06 had, or if it got away from feeling like one of the Adventure games, then I would be disappointed that they would tarnish the Adventure series with a bad outing. I am torn because as much as I would like to see an SA3, I have no faith in SEGA that it would be a decent game.

However, with the big success of Mania, I can definitely see them trying to cash-in on doing something similar for the Adventure series. Which is maybe why that SA remake comment was made by that SEGA executive? Perhaps they have a SA Mania game on their minds.

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