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MetallixCast Ashore
The monster was now defeated, but it was a hollow victory. Tanya who went missing when they first entered the pyramid, was now dead. Even though Marcus hasn't known the three travellers for long. He was sad to see one of them was now gone. He hoped the same fate didn't befall Angela, who went missing not long after the human

Dennis who was unhappy as well, to see that the Tanya's life was gone as the Adrian put the human on his back. He followed both of the canines down some stairs as it headed to another room, although it looked empty.

Marcus went ahead further down the stairs and entered the empty room. He observed the inside the room noticing the torches, he also saw that the torch on the left side of the room, was at a different angle than the one on the right, like it can be moved. The coyote held on to the torch and turned it, so the flame was pointing to the back wall. Part of the back wall opened up. He looked back at Adrian and Dennis. "I found a way through."

The canine walked through the opening and was in another room, but it was too dark to see anything, although the only thing he could see was and orb of dim yellow light, what looked to be floating in the middle of the room. He started to walk towards it, but as he did the orb of light started to get brighter and he noticed the orb was in a square pillar. Strange symbol like writing started to appear on the walls inside, and a voice from the orb started to speak. "Welcome. It has been many years since this room has seen light." It said in a deep female voice.

The coyote was shocked that the orb spoke. "Who are you? And what is this place?"

The orb shined a light on the wall where it had more symbol like writing and below that was a huge statue of one of the flying beast's who used to rule this land. "This is the pyramid of the chosen. Thousands of years ago, when this unnamed land was founded, I was the first dragon to step foot on it's ground. Me and others of my kind found a home here, as we stated to build villages and that brought more to this land."

Marcus looked at the statue and then at the orb. "So your kind were the first to live on this land. But why is this the pyramid of the chosen? I thought the first guardians were established after the war, when most of the land sank and now all that's left is this island."

The orb started to shine it's light brighter, illuminating the whole room. Another door was shown to the left side of the area, along with more statues of the flying beasts. "This land has always had guardians. Me and three others were the first ones of the land. But the first ones you mentioned after the war, were protectors of the island. They were also the first guardians not to be dragons. Also the war what caused most of the land to sink, happened after me and the others were long gone."

The orb shined the light on the doorway the coyote walked through, as it noticed there were two others with the canine.

As Angela thought she was stuck on the upper floor, she noticed a faint light shining through, at the far end of the room she was in. She slowly started to walk over to the light, as she thought it was coming from Edwards guard's and their allies. Since they're looking for a the golden war hammer and shield. Although one of them didn't think they were going to find the weapon, what the fox after.

When the she got to the end of the room. She noticed the faded light was shining through the gaps of a door. Angela opened the door and she saw orb of light along with the writing on the walls, familiar to what she saw in the ancient dragon crypt. She then saw the male coyote, and she was glad to see it was Marcus.
The Pyramid

Questions shall be answered. Sure... But there's also what should be done with the human. Can't leave her rotting ontop of the wyvern. 
Yet all this time, he remained at ease, not deliberately wanting to stay rude, or come with demands, as such surely wasn't necessary. Instead he marvelled at the site. Until one familiar character approached towards them. "Angela.." The wolf uttered out almost disbelieving. In fact, he immediately took a few steps, until he could fold both arms around her, in an comforting embrace. "Your alive." Not overstaying he released her almost as quickly, keeping both paws attached on each of her shoulders. He still hadn't had the chance to tell her, that there's actually some feelings involved here, but there's been little chance to pursue those thoughts, as matters always seem conflicting, this was no different. She as well, (Angela) would soon find out the death of the human. 

His attention pertained the floating orb, which surely had something more elaborate. "You... say your one of the first guardians who's solemnly were to protect and alter any intrusions that might occur to the best of your abilities, yet I sincerely cannot fathom the meaning behind it all. Perhaps you'd like to elaborate what your saying.. And who or what was the other two guardians on this island... And if I may on a personal quest, may I ask whether you knew Valiant and this so called name which I'm supposed to find.." He reveals his sword, with the insignia of Whitefang enhanced onto it. 

"He mentioned a graveyard in a perplex vision, yet I cannot remember ever seeing something of sorts, and not only that, if I would chant this name openly at this site, he or she would show." 

Is it fate which has brought him here, not only that. He now also speaks for the female coyote. "She as well have a relative who once lived on this island, land, and each of them have been decorated in an rather secretively pyramid out in the middle of desert, almost forgotten. All that I've gathered ever since we arrived, is that there are holy artifacts hidden throughout this land, one was this sword.. Yet there's also this hammer which has triggered one ruthless evil upon this island, who values little else than acquiring it, for what?" It sure seemed he had enough with questions, and if there's even a slight chance they'll get to know the history behind this, now's the time for doing so. Even if what they've originally had come here for, is still a distant solution. 

Somewhere in Lynthior

The fields stretches far and wide from the ruins of Lynthal Castle, (or what's left of it), to the broken battered walls that once stood proudly as Lynthor's majestic pride. In the centre of all lies one certain tomb buried, with a certain gravestone picturing a certain sword formed like a cross. The name says Valiant Elderhorn III, perhaps said being a king, or of great importance considering the title. 
In loving memory of Val and what he did for our country, you'll be sorely missed, sincerely Jennifer. It was mostly unreadable, but some of it was still intact as if enhanced by pure magic. 

Beside the grave, a tall white scaled creature looking down upon the message written upon the cross. It's expression was filled with emotions, yet it didn't actually show, not in any traditional way. Who would understand the heartfelt moment. This was when things stirred quickly for the worst, so many fallen, the breathtaking yet dangerous outbreak at the center of this island creating an seemingless shockwave which literally pounded the very foundations into dust, thousands was killed. Valiant was never there to witness it all, as he fought for his life at the battle when alliance was shattered from an immortal foe, or so he thought. 

When ordered he wouldn't hesitate. But all this time, until this day he felt that was a terrible judgement of his own character. For a fraction of time, even if it was a mere flight, a few minutes apart, it was at that moment the hammer crushed literally every bone there was in the red/brown wolf, (known as Valiant the third) had every piece of iron shattered in pieces. Those who valiantly tried to neglect the evil mind's wish of obsoleting one of the greatest defenders, met with countless of resistance, allowing the lethal blow to strike, as the hammer struck again. 

Whitefang witnessed it all, as he had heard his masters mind calling for his aid, but no matter how much speed, it wasn't enough, as he cried out in a staggering roar feeling every bone of his master being crushed. Impaling the evil several leagues backward, only to have it rise up again, smearing with a pleasing smile. 
He remembered Jennifer approaching on her majestic horse, taken immediate effect, abandoning the fight so that they could offer Valiant a final moment of peace. Yet he died before he was even allowed for such courtesy. The rage of Whitefang, only soothed down by Jennifer's voice, as if there was one other person he kept close to heart, it was the female coyote. The battle raged on, however morale  ensued the loss of several allies. Other dragons had already by this time fought to the bitter end, yet this immense foe had been to much. The rest or so what many had believed died during the volcano's final burst, as all this time during the fight between evil and allies, the rumbling earth, was creating eclipses of holes that sent dozens or even hundreds of men, or woman falling into the bottomless pit. Lava came down from all sides, and a dark smoke of ashes covered the sky, making the journey back to Lynthal castle a hazardous nightmare, yet it was her wish to at least allow Valiant a decent burial, even if the end is near for Lynthior. 

They landed on this exact spot where the white dragon quickly made use of his claws, digging a hole which they would lower the body of Valiant down. As furious he was, she always kept reminding him that this is our way of remembering what once happened here. 

The cross wasn't anything special, just picked from various wooden objects lying scattered around. People, those who had made it out from their houses, buildings had gathered around. They were praying for hope, but there was none. The dark skies sent down hot coal boulders in medium sized rock sizes. Jennifer and Whitefang hadn't even the chance to mourn, as he took the woman with him, without even a considered thought and tried to fly her to safety. 
Sure he had to abandon everyone else to their fate, but what could he have done, he wasn't going to be able carrying them all, and there was literally one more he cared for. Yet even that went downhill, as he remembered blackening out literally. He could remember hearing her screaming, but the boulder sized rock which the volcano had thrown out, knocked him out cold, tumbling him down. He wasn't sure why he was left to live on, while both Valiant and Jennifer died upon that day, and all he's ever felt from this day forth is blame for simply following a order. 

A tear cast down his cheek, as he remained subtle looking over this grave. He hadn't had the strength killing himself, instead he's been trying to remain as far away from civilized people until just recently. Some would probably think he escaped the latter, never to come back, fighting for those who valiantly did so, including Scarloc's parents. He knew them very well, but they've always considered him different, due to his unique features that only so often emerged when together with Valiant and the sword that was created for a singular purpose. 
After seeing Marcus in the room. Angela was caught by surprise by Adrian, who hugged her. The wolf was happy to see that she was still alive. "I'm glad to you're safe too." She said in a relieving tone.

The orb of light looked on as the wolf turned his attention to her and asked about the other guardians of Lynthior, also he also asked it she knew someone called Valiant the name what was engraved, on the blade of his sword. "Me and other dragons were cast out from our original homelands because our refusal to fight in battles. Thousands of years ago our some homelands were known by different names, but other lands still have the same names today. So when we were banished from our homelands, we eventually found this empty land and made into a home for our kind."

The orb of light started to change in a spirit of a golden scaled dragon, and she stood in front of the wolf and female coyote. "For a few years we lived in peace, but that soon changed as others of our kind came to our home. They came to fight an take over. They knew we were the ones, who were cast out because we didn't want fight, but this land was ours and we would fight for the that. So me and three others would battle the enemy beasts, and victory was ours as the enemy surrendered and retreated. It was then that others of our kind called us four the guardians of this land what will become Lynthior, named after me Lynthia."

The spirit looked at the wolf's sword and recognised what was engraved. But unfortunately she didn't know the other name he mentioned. "Whitefang he is the only ancient dragon who is still lives today. I don't know where he is, but he is still alive. As for your other question, I don't know Valiant is, only that he might have been one of guardians of Lynthior after it became an island."

The wolf also mentioned about a burial site. Lynthia knew about the graveyard and nodded her head. "There is a place called Lynthal, it's an old town deserted town. In the town there is a castle, and on the grounds outside, is a graveyard where the new arrivals to this land buried their fallen warriors. That could be the burial site this Valiant mentioned."

The wolf then spoke one of his friend's, mentioning that she had an ancestor. Lynthia looked at the female coyote and saw she looked like the one of the statue's, what was in the hall on bottom floor of the pyramid. The canine then mentioned about the artefacts, as he showed her the sword he had. He also mentioned about a hammer that someone was after, and it seemed whoever it was, would stop at nothing until he found it. The spirit knew about the artefacts, even the one he failed to mention he had. "Those magical weapons and items were forged for the final guardians the new inhabitants of Lynthior. Since the final protectors weren't dragons, they needed powerful artefacts. Although many of them turned against us, as they believed the land was theirs now. There were still some who fought for us, but it was for nothing, as most of the land sunk into the ocean, and it became the island you see today."

Marcus walked over to Adrian as he mentioned the artefact someone was after. "The golden war hammer, if that is what you mean, my master has it. He has some knowledge of artefacts too. But we have a problem." The male coyote gestured to Dennis and what he was carrying on his back. "What do we do about Tanya? We can't leave her here."

Angela looked to the wyvern, then to Adrian with tears in her eyes. "What happened to Tanya?" She said in an upset tone.
The Pyramid

More than ever the wolf was determined to find this Lynthal, find his forefathers burial site, and he'll chant this ancient dragon's name and see whether it'll respond or ignore his calling, only one way to find out. 
Yet there are unfortunate other priorities, which he insist they'll carry out beforehand. 
"She was butchered..." Honest might not have been the best approach, yet there's no point in dilly dallying the truth, she deserves to know like anyone else. 

It begs the question leaving the human corpse to rot ontop of Dennis back wouldn't trumph anyone. 
"Well it sound completely unfair, but perhaps she can do one more favour for us.. remember the room with the gem, it yearned for a sacrifice.." He couldn't believe what he was saying. "Think off of it like this, she'll do a final offering for a good cause, and I think anyone would want that in their dying hours... so to speak." 

Perhaps none will agree with him, but it's either that or abandon their quest, also time isn't in their favour, for if what this spirit says is true, what if these artefacts are been taken by Edward, what on earth could he accomplish what they've not seen yet. (With little knowledge of the dwarf, seen as this occured after they've set out.) 

"Unless you have any other suggestions, I'd say we go for it.. Even in death she'll accomplish something many of us will never succeed in accomplishing." Adrian felt he was alone even considering such a foolish idea, but in his best interest, it wasn't foolish, in fact if he could've replaced spots with Tanya, he would have. 

Indigenous Camp

"Ethan, Tom... You have a moment." 
They've checked upon those willing to take up arms, and those still in need of treatment. 
He didn't say a word until they found them self rather alone. "I never told where I was.. If only for a fraction of time, I could've sworn I saw ruins.. Ruins of something greater than anything I've yet laid eyes upon. Perhaps a grand city. It may or not be wise, but I think we should seek this place out, perhaps find some answers what's happened to this island.. Though with monsters lurking about, I'd say we should bring as many battle hardened men with us as possible. As I'd rather not encounter one of those giant undead brutes once again without any means of bringing it down." 

As much the leopard was content staying, they shouldn't delay knowing what's out there. 
Though he valued Ethan enough that if he had other suggestions was to what should be done, he'll adjourn his own personal agenda, even if it means tarrying on himself. Sure he might've had some slight bit marks, but none had proved fatal, not even a trace of blood.
After hearing the wolf say that their human friend could still help even in death. Marcus looked to the dragon spirit, and gestured to the open door he, Adrian and Dennis came through. "Is this true? that gem back there, it needed a sacrifice to be unlocked?" He looked to Angela then back to Lynthia. "They need that gem to get another spirit out of another beast like you. Scarloc I believe his name is. But if Tanya's spirit is already in the gem, would it still work?"

The dragon spirit looked over to the wyvern, who was carrying Tanya, and then she looked to the male coyote. "The human's spirit would activate and free the gem, and it will still remain empty." Lynthia looked at the wolf and the female canine. "I suppose you know who this other spirit inside Scarloc is? That's why you need that gem isn't it?"

Angela looked at Adrian and shook her head. "Shouldn't we at least tell the tribe about what happened to Tanya first? If her spirit is going to be used for the gem, they should at least say goodbye." She said with anger in her voice. Although it may seem difficult, since they were in a pyramid in the middle of the desert. The canine did agree to the idea, but she thought maybe it was best to let her people know first. The coyote didn't know if they would agree to one of their own's fallen spirit, to be used to unlock a gem, but she guessed they would be furious for not telling them first.


Back at the tribal village. After checking on the soldiers and the villagers, who escaped from the dwarf and his undead as they attacked the beach. Ethan and Tom went with Seth, as he wanted to talk with them. Once the three of them were alone, the leopard told them about some ruins he may of discovered, and he wanted to seek them out, as he believed they held answers to the fall of the land. The leopard also wanted to bring some of the soldiers along too, in case they encountered more of these new foes of theirs.

The cheetah folded his arms and thought about Seth's request. He wanted to know more about the land, before most of it sank into the sea, although he believed they and the rest of the solders would be needed here more, with this new threat of the undead pirates. "Everyone was lucky that they escaped the beach village with their lives. Also the folks in this tribe may haven't seen much battles, we are needed here."

The fox walked in, as he overheard the conversation between the three felines. "Your friend maybe onto something here. I want to know more about this land too, and if you can't spare any men, then he and I will just go." He said as he gestured to the leopard. "Besides if you're trying to avoid enemies, it's best to travel with not many folks." The canine looked to the feline. "I'm Simon by the way."
"I concur your concerns. However.." The wolf paused. "Time isn't in our favour, we've already spent to much time, for all we know Edward can be onto something around the hammer's whereabouts as we speak." 
In the end, he valued everyone's opinion, if her wish is to return Tanya, and then return, then it shall, but he wished her to consider his words careful before making him the guilty party even considering such hazardous decision. 
"Look at it this way, she's not giving her life for an inanimate stone, but an actual soul which could very well have a destiny to play in all of this. And in the end, we shall make sure he'll remember that Tanya gave her life so that he'd be given a second chance to live and breathe." He had no more wish to see this through with at least giving her a respectable final journey, though as there's so much at stake, they'd best decide quickly what to do. 

Perhaps his chance seduce the one he cares for, but sometimes he has to put feelings aside and consider what's best for everyone. Maybe that'll make him sound like a royal snob, but no decision is easy when it comes to what's right or wrong about those who've fallen. 
"One more thing Lynthia, will her body be preserved?" At least knowing that will probably ease their minds. Of course what if that isn't the case, he think they should still go through with this decision, even if he valued strongly Angela's wish. 


He perfectly understood Ethan's decision to hold position, though he valued the fox's opinion on the matter, travelling in less numbers would probably increase their odds getting unwanted attention. 
"Seth.. Nice to meet you Simon." 

Before making preparations to depart, he'll reassure the cheetah.
"Don't worry, we'll be back before you know it." Probably words he couldn't entail, but he'll just have to take his word on it. Otherwise he'll be insisting that none of them should go, with the evil creatures on the horizon. 

"Meet me back here in an hour Simon." Before splitting apart going on their daily businesses. He had to make sure he'd memorize his rather conspicuously crazy journey in the dragon's mouth. Also he made sure to change to something more suited, creating an almost camouflaged appearance, making him more subtle to the surroundings and more easily averted from getting spotted. 

Ready to leave, only waiting for the fox, before they both took off. 
"We should head east from the volcano, so if we follow this trail, we might reach our destination before next morning." 
In his left paw, he held a map which he had drawn, while it was rather vague, it sufficed.
The dragon spirit looked at the human what was on the wyvern's back, covered up. The wolf asked if Tanya could be preserved as her spirit is used unlock the gem. "It is possible, but I would have to shield her, so the gem can only take her soul." Lynthia looked to Angela. "Don't worry. Her tribe will get to say goodbye." She hoped this would get the coyote to stop worrying.

Angela looked up at the dragon and smiled, approving of the spirit's idea.

Lynthia headed over to Dennis and used her power, and created an orb around the human. The orb raised off the wyvern's back with Tanya inside. "Take her to the gem and her soul will be used to unlock it. The human will stay shielded, until she get's back to her tribe. So once you are done finding what you're looking for, return here and I will take you back to where you entered the desert."

Marcus looked at Dennis and Angela. "You two wait here." He gestured to Adrian to follow him. "Let's go get that gem. The male coyote walked ahead and the orb with Tanya inside followed. Eventually they got back to the room with the gem inside. The stone started to glow as mist from the human went into the gem, releasing it and it fell to the floor. At first the canine was hesitant of picking the stone up, as when he tried to when he first saw it, it hit him was it's energy. He eventually picked up the gem, and looked to the wolf. "So this is going to help your dragon friend?"


After the leopard introduced himself. He told the fox he would see him in an hour, then they would set off to go look for these ruins. As Seth went away, Simon headed back to talk to John. Since he has explored much of the island, the canine wondered if the jackal knew about the ruins too.

Once Simon found John, he saw he and Nicole were talking with more folks who escaped from the undead. "Do you know about some hidden city ruins?" He said as he walked over to the male jackal. "Me and Seth are going to go search for them, he believes they may have some answers, about what this land was like, before most of it sank into the sea. I wondered if you found something like that before."

The jackal shook his head. "I did explore much of the island, back when me, Ethan and Tom used to work for Edward. But I have never found ruins of a city. Although I was looking for a gold war hammer at the time. There maybe is an ancient ruin of a city out there, this island is huge, so I doubt the whole of it has been explored." John looked at the sky and then back to the fox. "You should go now, at least before it gets dark. If you're trying to avoid those undead creatures, you might have a better chance of doing that, when it's still light."

Simon responded with a nod and a wave. He then left to go look for Seth so they can begin their journey. The fox eventually found the leopard and they soon left, to go look for the ruins. The feline suggested heading south from the erupted mountain, he also mentioned about getting to their destination before the next morning, so there might be chance where they could be searching during the night.

The canine drew his sword and went a few steps ahead. "Do you think we may come across those things from the beach, even if we're further inland?" Simon kept a lookout in case he saw any of the new foes, happily he didn't, but this was only just the beginning of the journey. He wondered if this ruined city held more than just answers about this island, maybe some information on who these pirates were, since he wondered this might be the first time they've been here.
The shield which held all living contact from touching this sacred gem was now removed, and Marcus could safely remove it from its pedestal. Adrian simply nodded approvingly, "I believe so yes.

Returning back where the others was. "It's time to leave, can you bring us to the outskirts of the desert near the lake." Assuming the wyvern knew the intricacies of the desert. 
Leaving the spirit with a final thanks, and perhaps a few final questions, yet the black wolf more content then ever to abandon this place, finally heading outside, feeling the fresh air. 

Whether fortunate or not, they seemingly averted what may've been an unfortunate encounter. Not saying no one spotted a curiously flying creature making it away from the scene with three appearances on it's back. "Sir..." One of the cronies made sure Edward knew about it. 
It would be idiotic trying to pursue on foot, but perhaps they'll receive the ridiculous order anyway. Yet they seem as faithful toward the fox, no matter his intentions.  

"There it is, take us down there Dennis." Adrian recognised the area, but he couldn't see Skarloc anywhere. 
Sliding down from the wyvern's back, the wolf quickly had a look around, calling out the dragon's name a few times. "Scarloc... Hey Scarloc we're back... Where are you my friend." 


Leaving the indigenous camp behind, Seth, armed with leather armor woven to make him less restricted, but able to sustain minor scratches if that ever comes reality. As for weapon he had chosen a medium sized axe and a shield, which was placed upon his back, making sure he was ready just in case such an encounter would be unavoidable. "If we do, I'll be ready." Sure he was still slightly limping, and his back hadn't fully recover from the impact at the beach, but such minorities should be ignored at the best of his abilities. He didn't want to look weak, after all, that'd only serve him a place in the bunker with the rest of the wounded. No this ruin has to be discovered, no matter, as it may very well hold important answers which still keeps them alouf on where these pirates even came from. 

Following a trail which leads them through a thick forested area, even some distinctive animal sound, leaving them not completely alone in an already enclosed area. Also it would be very difficult for anyone being able to spot their movement, however it also meant more difficult checking for any potential pursuer. 
So far, it hasn't been that long since they abandoned what originally has been considered a safe zone, but is it really that safe. The inhabitants which seems to worship dragons as their gods, had so voluntarily been helpful, allowing John and most of the wounded from Ethan's group to rest and regroup, now as one big group of members. Only which they may lack is proper etiquette off communicating. 

Attached to his belt in front, the leopard also had brought some provisions along, that and a bag for filling up with water, in case they'd ever go empty, or in need of a refilling. 
"Let's hurry." Seth iniquired Simon to follow, lightly jogging, as he still couldn't fully run, unless it was escaping for his life. 
It would probably take at least a full day's trip make it there, so if they could ever so slightly increase phase, they'd might make it there already by next morning. Hopefully without any more of those undead breathing down their necks.

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