Hello Friends & Strangers! Old member returning!
Well hey there one and all! I'm Dregan and I'm... well, kind of an old member of the forum? Somewhat doubtful any will remember me (especially as I'm not certain most I ever interacted with are still around), but was mainly active... I wanna say it was all the way back around 2008? I think I've poked my head in a couple of times since then too, but that's been kind of the key period that I was around. I did sprites, comics, RPs, the whole lot - and had a lot of fun doing it!
Of course, University, and life, and time all took their toll. A long way away from all that and I have my own place, and my own time to spend... and I was feeling nostalgic! Though I'd take a curious glance at the ol' place... and lo and behold there was life! Not just life but almost a mini-renaissance, a return of activity that hadn't quite been there the last couple of times I'd poked my curious head around.
Aaand thusly I thought... well why not? I still love Sonic, still love the fandom, and I've really missed... well, being around a community like this! I love forum communities, and I've found the shrink of them over the past few years kind of depressing. Thus, well... here I am now, once more! Looking forward to speaking to you all, and getting involved here!
Hey welcome back! I remember your username, not sure I ever talked to you personally though but maybe I have.

Yeah it's sad how everyone's just social media these days. Social media just doesn't do it for me.
Aye, don't believe we ever interacted directly, but recall you being around running the show!

And yeeeaaah, I find a lot of communities tend to be Discord-based these days. And like... I love using Discord for chatting to folks, but for larger communities? Just makes me feel lost or like I can't really interact/get to know people. Too many messages flying by.
Yeah I get that. Large discord communities progress too fast, can't keep up.

I'm still a big fan too, recently got Sonic Lost World for the first time and I honestly am liking it so far despite how it got trashed in reviews. I've been trying to find somewhere to buy the comics locally to no avail though. Although I've found my imagination isn't like it was as a kid. lol I used to get sucked into the world of those comics, now I can't as much as I used to.
Yeeeaaah, I do find that a lot myself. I personally grew up on the Fleetway comics, and it did a lot of forming how I view characters/the fandom, so it's weird that that's gone now.
Still really want to try out the IDW comics, as I've not read those at all, but only heard good things. But struggle to find the time. @-@

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