NeoMetallixOrdered a new laptop!
It's the Starlabs Starbook MkV. I guess they changed the name of their laptop because before it was called the Star Labtop. lol It's a linux based laptop that uses coreboot and has Intel Management Engine disabled. My current laptop is 9 years old so it's due time for a good upgrade!
Well after all this time it's FINALLY prepared for shipping and should be shipped by the end of the month.
Well it took even longer than expected but it's HERE!!! Now I have a computer again.

It has an 11th gen i7 CPU, 500GB NVME 4.0 SSD, and 32 GB of ram at 3200mhz. That's a HUGE upgrade from my old laptop with a 2nd gen i3, HDD, and 4 GB of ram.

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