NeoMetallixTapatalk is a scam!
I decided to look at the old forum that is hosted on Tapatalk and found 29 vulnerabilities towards your private data after scanning it anonymously through a search engine. They also go over everything in their extensive privacy policy and like everyone they say they give you the option to opt out but that doesnt really do much. They even use web beacons and pixels for tracking their users. See below...

[Image: 2_12_03_21_4_08_22.png]
Here's a picture of their privacy policy. I feel most can make out what it is saying between the lines but it is worded to hide the extent of how much they collect. It doesn't just collect it for themselves, it sells all the data to partners as well. I am so glad we did not stay on that platform!

[Image: 2_12_03_21_1_13_02.jpeg]
Reading bits and pieces of this left me feeling just sick to my stomach! I am, as expressed in my feedback thread, IMMENSELY thankful you jumped ship from that to this! That whole platform performs horribly and just absolutely sounds like bad news bears of the highest kind!
@"KnucklesX91" haha yeah. I'm not one to be using TOR or trying hard to be as anonymous as I can be to where I can't really do anything but I don't like companies tracking me so I do find this ridiculous. They don't need to be collecting and selling all this to advertising companies.
Exactly! Enough websites are already doing an uncomfortable and frankly uncalled for amount of that already. We don't need something as tried and true as a forum host playing into that game! Sad

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