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Dear Tails, what's your favorite kind of car that wasn't built by you? Also, on a scale of 1 to 10, how proud are you to be Japanese?

(I'm predicting you'll say a Nissan Skyline because of how tech-savvy it is. I'm just seeing if I really know you as well as I think I know you, Tails my boy.)
(Oof, I don't know my cars well uhhhhhhhhh alright, I think I got somethin')

Tails: Favorite Car? Let me think....OH! Okay, it's not very tech-savvy, in fact, it's quite outdated but I have a soft spot for it. The Formula One cars!

Sonic: Formula One? Why does that sound so familiar???

Tails: We had a collaboration with the Formula One team back in 1993!

Sonic: Oh yeah! Good times! 

Tails: Thanks for the question!

Gonna use the same questions I said before:

1. Amy, when you marry Sonic, where do you plan on going to for your honeymoon?

2. Sticks, how did you first meet Amy and how did you two become such good friends?

3. For everyone, what are you going to dress up as for Halloween? (With for everyone questions, you can do as many Sonic characters as you want).

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(05-10-2021, 10:18 PM)Infinite Wrote: 1. Amy, when you marry Sonic, where do you plan on going to for your honeymoon?

2. Sticks, how did you first meet Amy and how did you two become such good friends?

Amy: Haaaaahh~ So many places I want to go when my darling and I get married! Buuuuut...I have this recurring fantasy of me and him on the Little Planet where me met! It's the perfect place for a honeymoon, don't you think, darling? Wait...Sonic? Sonic?

*Sonic has been replaced by a cardboard cutout of himself that suddenly falls over*
Sticks: Ah, well to say it the short way, Ames and I have similar tastes: we both like havin' weapons on us, we're not some damsels in distress and if the situation calls out for it, we can kick some butt and take names! Ames is pretty cool! (Poster's note: I don't know Sticks too well so I hope this answer suffices! -Proto)
(My turn to ask!)
1. To anyone: If you had the ability/means to visit any Sega or Atlus universe, where would you visit and why?

2. To Knuckles: in the years following your being tricked by Eggman, have you wised up at all? As in, have you gotten any kind of help with your gullibility?

3. To Blaze: Simply put, are you and Silver an item? It certainly seems that way to me at least.
1. Sonic: Hey, I'll take this one! Personally, I think I'd visit the universe of Crazy Taxi! I would love to challenge the driver of the Taxi to a race from one destination to the next! Winner gets the fare from the rider!

2. Knuckles: Wait what? No no I was never gullible! I'm just doing what I must to protect the Master Emerald, and if I'm tipped off to ANYONE being a threat, I take it seriously! I can't chance any harm being done to the emerald!
Sonic: Heh, yeah, you do a swell job on that Knucklehead! It's only been compromised, what, 4 times now? Honestly, I'm losing count!
Sonic: Okay okay, yeah, fair point.. sheesh *rubbing his head*

3. Blaze: Hmm.. well.. what fun would life be without a few mysteries? heh

Now I have one question to ask..

Eggman, what was your childhood like?
(05-13-2021, 09:39 AM)KnucklesX91 Wrote: Eggman, what was your childhood like?
OHHOHO! A question for me? I'll take it!

You see, I was ALWAYS inclined towards the mechanical arts. I was fascinated with gears, cogs, pistons, you name it. But my Grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik was truly the one who kicked my interests into high gear! His crowning achievement was the Space Colony ARK! And not to mention Project which that sort of backfired on me in the end but it's not really a dealbreaker in any sort of way heheheh......
To Cream: given that you have raised Cheese, have you ever thought of being a Chao raiser when you grow up? You seem to have quite the touch with Chao!
Cream: Thank you very much, Mr. Sword! I don't know what I want to be when I grow up but a Chao raiser does sound good. Thanks for the question!

To Vector: What is your favorite genre of music?

To Orbot and Cubot: What do you two like to do when Eggman isn't around?
Vector: Well, I'm a little old school, but I really love me some smooth Ska music! Not too heavy on the punk, but just something I can snap the fingers and groove to but feel pumped and ready!

Orbot: We tend to go into power saving mode and rest up. Eggman has us working far too hard too often!
Cubot: Sometimes, if we can't sleep, we compete for high scores on Minesweeper. As it turns out, Eggman programs all his robots to run basic games, in case he gets bored. And last time I checked, I have the top score in Minesweeper!
Orbot: Oh no, no no! Have your memory chips fried? I took the top score just last night!
To Sonic: If you suddenly became a villain. How would you take over the world?

To Knuckles: How do you treasure hunt while still keeping an eye on the Master Emerald?

To Omega: Once you eliminate Eggman, what do you plan to do?
Sonic: Oh, that's easy! I would lay back a while and leg Eggman slowly take over, and then I'd do like I always do and take Eggman down, but instead of freeing all the animals and undoing the damage, I'd put myself in his place! Nothing more evil than making someone do all the work for you, eh?

Knuckles: I... I um..... OH NO! *Races back to the Master Emerald*

Omega: Once Eggman is eliminated and the mission is accomplished, I will be a jar! (If you watch the Game Grumps playthrough of Sonic Heroes, this will be funny)

Dr. Gerald Robotnik, what do you think of your grandson, Ivo?
(Technically Gerald Robotnik is a Professor...I think.)
Prof. Robotnik: Ivo is a disappointment. He's the exact opposite of me. I helped create and save lives, he destroys them. He even misused Project Shadow! Instead of bringing hope to humanity, he brought fear and dread to it.

Now let's ask Ms. Maria Robotnik about Ivo, shall we? What do you think of Ivo, Maria?

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