RedFox99Did you double dip on Sonic Mania?
I got Sonic Mania when it came out last year but when Plus came out I just HAD to have a physical edition(I mainly buy physical except when I’m lazy) for the art book and extras.

Did anyone else get the physical edition instead of upgrading with just DLC?
Yep, guilty. I bought the digital version on my Switch just before the announcement of Plus. But I kinda wanted the artbook so I picked up the physical anyway.

I also went ahead and updated my digital copy with the Encore DLC anyway, but at least I had enough coins stashed to get that for free. Worth it.
I got the original Sonic Mania on PS4 but I'll be getting Sonic Mania Plus for the Switch.
So yeah, technically double dipped.
Didn't get the game when it came out sadly cus I was too poor, I've been wanting to get Sonic Mania for awhile but when they announced Sonic Mania Plus I kinda held back until that was released. Although I wish I could've experienced the game sooner, I'm really happy to have a physical version instead. Pretty sure I would've double dipped if I had the funds and bought the game when it originally got released though cus I'm a sucker for that artbook and shiny cover Tongue
I still haven't gotten Mania Plus. Somewhat due to money problems but I am starting a new job so I don't have to commute and use tons of gas. Also because of time problems but with my birthday coming up soon I'll be getting the physical edition on PS4 even though I have the digital version.
I got the game three times. I first got Sonic Mania on PS4 and then on the Switch. Now I have Sonic Mania plus on the Switch boxed with a reversible cover and art book.
I tripled dipped on the game. Tongue I have the steam version, Xbox One, and physical copy on the Switch. I haven't played Plus on my Switch yet since I'm missing my charger, but I've been playing Plus on my Xbox One. I'm currently on Hydrocity in normal mania mode as Mighty, and on Stardust Speedway in Encore mode. The special stages are kicking my butt in Encore mode though. :V
i have bought the dlc as there is no physical realest for pc....SEGA YOU HAD A CHANCE
I got it on the Steam but I'll be purchasing the physical version when the price goes down and all, seems like a great thing to collect ^_^.
(08-06-2018, 02:20 PM)Wingzzzzy Wrote: i have bought the dlc as there is no physical realest for pc....SEGA YOU HAD A CHANCE

How many games get a physical release on PC nowdays anyway? Lol I miss big box PC releases.

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