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Ok, let's get down to business. I'm up for an RP, like I was back in the day. I've changed the tune of this first post (cringe, all of it. Ugh!) and the title (again, more cringe!) I'm curious as to hear what kinds of ideas you have. Like I said, I'm up for whatever! Suggest away!

7/17/21 EDIT: We now have several things: A title, a plot and some players. However, we still need some people to fill in some spots, as we have a lot of characters that we need filling in! 

So first of all, here's the current cast and their characters:
  • Me (Proto): Seg Genesis (FC), Aaron Kunai (FC), Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog
  • @"ChaosKaiser": Suni the Kitsune (FC), "Bedlam" (FC), Gardon
  • @"Count Drakupo": Eggman Nega, Taylor Hiss (FC), Conrad Murgley (FC)
Now, here's the characters we need filling in for! (NOTE: If the below characters aren't filled in then they'll be NPC's when the actual RP gets off the ground.) And finally, the plot!
Quote:Blaze and Silver are officially crowned as Queen and King of Sol Dimension. The coronation ceremony has people from dimensions near and far attending the event. However, Eggman Nega launches his scheme to take the Sol Emeralds for himself by placing the castle under siege, newly-crowned King and Queen included.

Now the Genesis Detective Agency was there too. However, when the invasion began, they were assisting the Castle guards in repelling Eggman Nega's forces. Before they knew it, they were overrun and had to go into hiding. It's part mystery, part rescue. Seg, Aaron and Suni (Aaron's Kitsune little sister) have to figure out exactly who had given Eggman Nega the tools necessary to launch this invasion and at all costs rescue Seg's parents and protect the Sol Emeralds.

Genesis Detective Agency-The Battle for Castle Sol.

Any questions and comments? Let us know here!
UPDATE 7/23/21: This thread will now be known as the OOC thread for our RP, Genesis Detective Agency: The Battle for Castle Sol. 
I’m sorry. We used to have a lot of RPers here but now not so much. I would if I had time but I’m super busy. :/ Maybe @"Zamau" ? He RPs a lot.
I would like to join the RP as Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.
I like RPs a lot, but sadly, I don't have much time to write. Moreover, not being a native English speaker I can mess up with language, so I write veeeeeery slowly.
Still, if you're up for something simple, let me know!
I'm a little bummed out to see this side of the community getting so little buzz. It was always a blast reading through RP's, and getting each individuals interpretations of what the characters in a thread would do in particular situations! But I also understand the lack of willing participants, for I share the same reasons that some above have mentioned. Just lacking time, and somewhat motivation to keep the creativity flowing. I really hope this idea comes through eventually though. I recognize that the initial post was nearly three years ago now, but I really do hope this aspect of the fandom can thrive again soon! If anyone reading this is thinking about dipping their toes into RPing again, this is your sign, DO IT! haha
I have an idea.
I have an idea.
What's your idea? I've been doing a lot of rping lately on a Discord server and I found it very fun so I would be down for some role plays.
Yes, I'd love to hear what you've cooked up for an idea, OctaScratchRock! Hopefully it can spark this thread to life!
Whoa....been a WHILE since I've even seen this. Yeah....this thread was the product of utter boredom (and a bit of depression too!) but it's a surprise to see that people are responding to this!

A LOT of things came up (moving, new job, etc) and this forum slipped my mind (not really, I look at the Discord from time to time).

So, do tell. Any ideas on the table?


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