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ZamauWhat Are You Listening To Right Now
Post what song you're currently listening to at moment.

Currently I'm listening to Message of Love by Journey. A pretty awesome rock song.
Laces Out, Dan! by The Fall of Troy

From their Doppelgänger album, the (in my opinion) definitive Fall of Troy album. Their later stuff is still good, but this is definitely the most "them" out of all of their stuff. Hard to believe they were only 19 when this came out, the instrumentals are crazy.
Could anyone who had never seen stars possibly imagine what infinity is, when, most likely,
The very concept of infinity first appeared among humans inspired, once upon a time, by the nocturnal vault of the heavens?
Currently I'm listening to Heeding the Call by Hammerfall. A great song from their second album.
Currently listening to the Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack.
Watched my cousin play through the majority of this game, and the music was just brilliant.
Fire & Forgive by Powerwolf. A good song from their Sacrament of Sin Album.
You're Mine by Disturbed \m/
Sweet Child O Mine - Guns N Roses. Probably their most popular song, not my favorite of theirs but good.
[Image: ae8def3aebf5738a674c7498414f24b4-full.png]
Currently I'm listening to Dream of an Absolution [LB vs JS Remix] from the Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Traxx Seven Wills soundtrack. I think the remix is a lot better than the original.
Currently I'm listening to The Show Must Go On by Queen. A great song from a legendary band. 

I maybe breaking rules by double posting, as well as doing a following post to one that was done back in august 2018. But I hope this topic get's going again.
Ahem. Let me go ahead and help you there, mate.

As we speak, I am actually listening to Big Bad Wolf by In This Moment :3

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