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MeowkieSonic story suggestions
What if you could come up with the story of a Sonic game?

Here is a topic that you make ideas on what stories that Sonic could take on, feel free to go into total detail!

Mine idea is a spinoff of the Storybook series where Amy is Red Riding Hood and Sonic The Werehog is the big bad wolf, however, it turns out that he is a hero after all, the story has been written by Eggman for the tragedy of Amy hating Sonic, Amy slowly realizes that the story has been altered and seeks out the truth, either Vector or Knuckles is the huntsman
Hmmm good topic @Meowkie ! I'd like a story that involves Eggman Nega again with Metal Sonic being the main antagonist. Not necessarily where he is calling the shots like in Heroes but where he's making life hard for Sonic to stop Eggman during the whole game. Sonic and friends have to team up(other playable characters) to clear the path and/or make a distraction for Sonic to go in and take out Eggman.
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