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CrystalStorm51Sonic panel at SXSW 2019 announced!

Yep! It's happening! What games do you hope to see there? I am personally hoping for a Sonic Mania like game and a new 3D Sonic game.
Probably going to focus on Team Sonic Racing with a look back at Mania and Forces, Probably only see a trailer of something new reguardless of what that may be.
It will most likely go over TSR and maybe the Movie but I'm really really hoping for a new 3D game. It's been 2 years since Forces so they should be close to having something since the engine is already done and really all they have to do is design a game around it now. Kinda hoping for something as good as Colors or Generations.
[Image: sonichqsig.png]
[Image: SonicBlastUserbar3.png]
[Image: knuckes_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: espio_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: shadow_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png]

If there's anything on a new main canon game, it will likely just be the shortest of teases.

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