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MetallixSonic Adventure Remake
Looks like Sonic Team boss is thinking about a remake as seen here. What do you think of this prospect? Do you want a 1:1 remake or would you like something like the Ratchet & Clank remake where it was more of a reimagining and follows the same basic plot but redoes a lot of it too?
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Oh boy.

Oh boy.

Ooooooh boooooy.

I am not down for this at all. It's not because I don't like Adventure or anything like that - quite the opposite really. It's all because of this so-called 'fanbase'. It's the same reason I never want to see an Adventure 3 - all it would take is for Sega to do one thing different/wrong and so, so many people would turn on the game and act like spoiled children because they feel that 'oh mah gawd u ruind a perfct gaem! sega succs! fire izuka!' Because too many 'fans' are incapable of being rational human beings. And if I have to sit through months of that bowl of poo, I'm not gonna be the happiest camper. I already dread announcements of Sonic games in general now because of this reason, even if I end up not having much issue with the game itself despite the obvious flaws (*cough*Forces*cough*).

Maybe it's because I have an actual life and have way more important things I could get mad at that don't revolve around a fictional blue hedgehog. Maybe it's because I experienced months of severe emotional stress brought on by people who expected near perfection from me, as the fanbase does with Sonic Team, resulting in an incredibly passionate disgust for such people. Or maybe it's because I have more self-worth than half this fanbase and don't feel the need to validate myself by getting worked up over what is again, a fictional hedgehog. But the last thing I want to see is more childish bullshit on display and let me tell you, if anything is going to get the ire of the Sonic fanbase going, it's going to be something related to the Adventure games. And boy, I'm already not looking forward to the fallout and nothing official has been made yet.
The last game in the series was Sonic Adventure 2 and it should stay that way. I'm okay with how the Sonic Adventure is now. An update in the gameplay would be good as well as the graphics, but the story doesn't need to be changed. We don't need a remake of Sonic Adventure, just continue with newer games in the Sonic franchise.
Well, I've already thrown in my two cents on this in the Discord, but for those who aren't a part of that yet, here it is.

I would like a remake of Sonic Adventure. New graphics rendered in Hedgehog Engine 2, new voice acting with the current cast, overhauled cutscenes, the works. I don't particularly want them to deviate from the original game, but like with most things in the series, I'm not opposed to anything until I play it for myself, regardless of how good/bad others are claiming it to be, so if they added some extra levels or touched up some parts of the game to improve them, I wouldn't have any problem with that. I would prefer if they went the Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty approach rather than the Ratchet and Clank approach, if only because:

A) I believe it would fit a game like Sonic Adventure better
B) I'm not prepared to think about what would happen if they changed anything about the core game. Like Holly said, the SA duology are incredibly precious to a lot of people and if Sonic Team did anything that would remotely change their clouded, nostalgic view of what they perceive to be "perfect" games, the fans would go mental and try to boycott the remake. If they're going to do this, they'll have to be very, verrry careful not to kick up a shitstorm.

On the topic of that, Sonic Adventure is one of my favourite games of all time, and even though I only played it about a year and a half ago for the first time, it's incredibly nostalgic to me. Even still, I would love to see the team try and bring this definitely dated game into the modern day, breathe new life into it and all that. If there's *one* thing I would insist on, it would be an ability to switch between the original and arranged soundtracks (if they decide to make a new soundtrack). This was something I was greatly thankful for in the FFX remaster. It's not that the new music was bad, far from it; I just preferred the old stuff.

Obviously I would much rather see them work on a new mainline Sonic game than a remake of an old one, but I'm not and wouldn't be opposed to the idea.
The original soundtrack to Sonic Adventure is my favourite Sonic soundtrack. But I thought the updated versions of the SA themes in Sonic Generations, on Both the PS3 and Nintendo 3DS sounded pretty cool. An updated soundtrack, for Sonic Adventure Remake would be good. With also the option to switch to the original.
Thing is .... I wouldn't say that article points to them thinking about a remake, but more along the lines of thinking that if they made the game today how they would have done it differently.
Not that I don't wish for a SA remake, If nothing else then to introduce a new generation to the wonders of Tikal.
I would love a Sonic Adventure reimagining, it would be interesting to see it with a modern twist instead of a 1.1 remake.

If sonic team ends up doing it I want it to be just as modern as Tomb Raider Anniversary is from it's 1996 original.
There's no wrong way to fantasize

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