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MetallixPersona 5 The Royal Third Semester, New Characters & Areas, Pro Support
Atlus Released Details for P5R!
Out in the West 2020. Japan it releases this year!

Sales Updated:
Quote:Persona 5, which has sold more than 2.7 million units worldwide, is reborn with countless new elements added. The student life is further completed with the previously untold third school semester. A new character that is the key to approaching the depths appears. And new formidable foes as well
  • Expanded re-release
  • New third semester which lasts from January (end of base Persona 5 game) to mid-March (so about 73 days)
  • Will not be DLC for the base Persona 5 game
  • Improved graphics with 4K support for the PS4 Pro
  • New story scenarios not seen in the base game
  • Quality of life improvements like a new menu dedicated to confidants and stats. Also a new auto-read option has been added so you can sit back and enjoy scenes
  • New opening and ending by Lyn, new battle music by Meguro
  • Added a popular spot "Kichijoji" that represents Tokyo. New and old various cultures and individuality fuse and attract young and old men and women
  • Main new character is called Kasumi Yoshizawa (voiced by Amamiya Sora). She is skilled gymnast and a transfer student just like Joker. She joins the Phantom Thieves to further her own mysterious goals. Kasumi admires the main protagonist, but doubts the Phantom Thieves' ways. Whether she is an enemy or ally remains to be seen.
  • New confidant (Consultant) is called Takuto Maruki. He is a counselor who joined Shujin High following the events of April. Together, he works to help students such as the protagonist
  • Game elements have now been completely upgraded. Selfies can now be sent by other members in group chats
  • Human Morgana!
  • New palace (unsure if there's more than one)
  • Improvements to old palaces such as being able to use a grapple hook
  • Joker has a grappling hook now (Thanks, Sakurai)
  • New Social Links
  • Improvements have been made to the UI
  • New events with Caroline & Justine
  • New types of strong enemies
  • New treasures in palaces
  • Assist commands in daily life
  • Dual All-Out Attacks are back
  • Futaba has an All-Out Attack now

[Image: nextlevelsig.png]
[Image: SonicBlastUserbar3.png]
[Image: knuckes_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: espio_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: shadow_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png]

I thought this was going to come to Switch, guess that was all wishful speculation. Oh well, I already have it but I will get it again with this version. Looks as good as the Golden upgrade for P4.
So it seems like this will be more of an upgrade than Golden!
  • We’re not simply adding new elements. We’re making it easier to earn experience points so you can play at a better tempo.

  • The play assist feature further implements everyone’s voices into the game. It considers your character parameters and confidants, then suggests a destination, which you can move to with the push of a button.

  • We’re making the volume of the newly implemented third semester to go beyond the expectations of those who have experienced the volume of Persona 4 Golden.

  • If you have save data for Persona 5, you will get some sort of bonus. You will not be able to use the same save data for Persona 5 Royal however.

  • There are 20 new background music tracks.

  • There is a scene where the mysterious new handsome guy character sleeps in the same bed as the protagonist.
There are more points in the article from Gematsu translating these tidbits:
[Image: ae8def3aebf5738a674c7498414f24b4-full.png]

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