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MetallixPS5 is a Beast! Using latest AMD tech.
  • Mark Cerny is once again the Lead System Architect.
  • 8 core AMD 7nm Zen 2 based on third generation Ryzen.
  • Ray-tracing support with custom AMD Navi GPU.
  • Custom AMD unit for 3D Audio, also aided by ray-tracing, a big upgrade.
  • Extremely fast high-end custom SSD storage faster than any solution currently available for PC:
    Spider-Man load times on PS4 Pro: 15 seconds → 0.8 seconds on next-gen PlayStation.
  • Technically supports 8K but Cerny demoed Spider-Man load speed improvements on a 4K screen.
  • New Virtual Reality platform strongly hinted at but also supports current PSVR (meaning millions of VR users 'day one').
  • Death Stranding might be a cross-gen title (speculation in article based on Cerny reply).
  • Physical Media.
  • Backwards Compatible with at least PS4.
  • Four years in development so far.
  • 2020.

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Eh its hard to say how really powerful the PS5 will be based on the little information we have here.
While its great its going to be AMD based with both Navi and Ryzen on board I cannot say if it will be on the level of most custom PC's I see right now.
As for that SSD claim, thats is quite a bold claim but I feel that the SSD this will have will be no different than most commercial SSD's on the market right now sure there are bound to be tweaks and no doubt the OS will be a factor.
Since the Navi GPU line isnt out just yet thats another questionable claim, plus I am not to fussed about ray tracing on a personal level as it has been known to cause issues even on the most High end custom PC's I am aware of.
Plus there is always the cost factor, will this go to a higher price point then last gen?
The XB1 was $500 so I can imagine this being in the $600 region which is going to be a tough sell thanks to previous gen ryzen CPU's going down in price.
At this price point Consoles really wont be that competitive to most custom PC builds even if you dont set aside the ray tracing and 4K buzz words console makers like selling you on.
But on a personal note most PC enthusiasts agree 4k is kind of crap for gaming due to cost factor and the only thing both the PS4 pro and XB1X do is give you upscale 4k with some nasty side effects such as loss of detail and no tessellation,
Plus add in ray tracing and that another trend that PC enthusiasts are steering away from until its ready.
Personally for a great gaming experience go 1440p and for movies go 4k... but 4K is greatly over rated for gaming and honestly you have to know the dynamics of it and what it really does to get why its not a good idea for gaming
Right, we don't know for sure what the power will be in its final form but we do know that it'll be using much newer tech than when last gen started. Rumors are is the PS5 will be 13 teraflops which is over double that of the most powerful console this gen. Nearly 13 times more powerful than the original Xbox One. Best of all it won't be using anemic Jaguar CPUs.

I agree on the 4k thing. That's why I like checkerboarding or temporal injection. It allows near native quality without the demand on the GPU. Without that 1440 is fine as well. 4k uses so much power that graphically things won't improve much trying to hit that high resolution.

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Still the ray tracing claim is very.... questionable considering how much trouble that has been for Nvidia ever since the RTX line launched.
Even the top line consumer grade RTX card the Titan RTX has had issues rendering it and put that on top of the PS5 probably having a far lower end APU than that I do question performance.
Its probably the most questionable claim out of Navi console or otherwise and considering how much smaller AMD is to Nvidia the claims are dubious.
The rest of the specs will probably line up but the Navi part does have me tilting my head a little.
Not like i want AMD or even the PS5 to fail but there is a huge reality check concerning how much trouble ray tracing is in its current state in gaming
Ray Tracing probably will be limited. It can be done in some forms already via software. Gran Turismo Sport uses baked in ray tracing for some lighting which is why the lighting is so good in that game but hardware ray tracing probably will be limited. I really don't want them pursing ray tracing in expense of performance or graphic fidelity.

CPUs were the weakest link in the current consoles even the Xbox One X is limited by it. I can't wait to see what developers come up with with that no longer holding them back. Imagine a Days Gone with hordes even bigger than 500 like in the current game.

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