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MetallixIs Sonic Unleashed the last game with heart and soul?
I’ve seen this sentiment online a few times. The saying is the games that preceded it didn’t have the same scope. Colors was shorter and had a minuscule storyline like they didn’t even try. Generations was just a rehash, again with a minimal storyline. Forces felt rushed and they all seemed lesser in scope and budget.

Do you share the same opinion? Has it crossed your mind? With the backlash Unleashed got it did feel like Sonic Team our heart and soul into it.
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I still like the game, but I do agree Sonic Forces was rushed. Sonic Colours, Generations and Forces did have some effort put in them, but I think Sonic Unleashed was last game Sonic Team put a lot of effort in. It was the last Sonic game where you had a hub world to wander in, if you played it on the PS3 and X-Box 360 It was probably the last game that had the longest story.
It can certainly seem that way, yeah.
Colors, as mentioned, had far less meat on its bones and everything else after feels like aimless wandering or shallow fanservice. Even Sonic Mania, as great as that was, really could've benefited from all original levels, since the original levels were the highlights of that game.

But Sonic Unleashed? Holy heck were the production values incredible, all those little animated shorts with Sonic and Chip, the extra DLC, the attention to detail in the levels and hubs, it really was a game that fired on all cylinders. But it was also an exponentially more expensive game to produce than your average Sonic game, and the returns simply didn't justify another one, if speculation is to be believed.
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