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There exists a dimension, far more removed and depressing than ours. It's a parallel universe, one that mirrors ours but more of a photo negative. The name it's most commonly known as is called....The Upside Down.

Now the beings of this universe were malevolent at best. All they cared about was taking over any and all dimensions that it overlapped with, making it part of theirs. 

However, the unthinkable happened. The creatures of this realm had been defeated. They had attempted to overlap with an Earth similar to our own, in an idyllic town of Hawkins, Indiana. 

Hawkins was under siege by The Upside Down many times before, only to be defeated at the very moment when it seemed a victory in assimilation was certain for them.  

The first time, they had sent one of their best soldiers. However, the monstrosity known as the Demogorgon was vanquished by a very special child and her psychic abilities. However, this wasn't the ending, it was only scratching the surface. 

Next, they had sent out an agent of chaos. Through a gate between our world and theirs, much like the first time it had invaded our world, possessing a young boy, making him it's vessel. Through him it started to spread its influence. 

However, the beings of this world learned from the first defeat. They had sent their troops, quadrupedal creatures, coined by one of the youths who had defeated the Demogorgon "Demodogs." The youths had ascertained that the agent of chaos that had plagued one of their own was known as the Mind Flayer. And through drawing out this entity it was once again vanquished by the special girl, this time closing the gate along with sealing it back in the Upside Down. 

This angered the Mind Flayer. It was SO close to fulfilling its leader's mission yet this girl had simply defeated it. It was more powerful than the Demogorgon, yet it was as easily defeated as that was. 

That's when the gem of an idea hatched in its mind. If the soldiers of its home dimension failed in assimilating Earth, then the second logical thing to do was to take control of more than just one person....

And so, after finding a new gate to breach, it set to work on enacting its vengeance. It found another host to lodge itself into, and started to spread its influence once more, this time possessing and controlling the people and animals of Earth, manipulating their very bodies to become the substance for its formation. It had formed into a corporeal form, bent on carrying out the mission it was entrusted. 

However, it was close to winning this time. This time the girl was too weak to cause any kind of damage to the monstrous form. It was thanks to the girl's friends and family that they prevailed on closing the gate, effectively killing the physical form of the Mind Flayer and once again foiling the plans of the Eldritch. 

Word of its defeat reached the most Eldritch of the Upside Down. It was concerned that even its most trusted and most powerful of its army had been defeated more than once. 

It started to ponder, a rarity for this being. This dimension, this reality was proving too much of a struggle to assimilate. This won't do. No, not at all. 

It started to look for.... alternatives. Alternative realities, alternative realms, dimensions. Its eyes scanned the vast field of realities. 

It scanned and scanned, settled on a candidate.

A most promising candidate. 

A reality of lush, vibrant landscapes. Places exotic and foreign. 

And most curiously lifeforms that were as exotic and foreign as the landscapes they traversed. 

Yes....this was the one. This was the reality to assimilate. 

Little did those on the planet we know as Mobius know, that things were about to get....Strange. 

For four of mystery, in time they shall become....

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