sonicclassicfan90sSonic The Hedgehog 2 Speeds Past Original Movie At The Global Box Office
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Speeds Past Original Movie At The Global Box Office

Sega Corporation has today announced Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has now surpassed global box office Smile sales of $331.64 million - speeding past the $319.71 million sales record set by the original film in 2020.
It follows on from the movie experiencing the biggest opening for a video game movie ever - grossing $72.1 million in the US within the first three days. The original banked $58.01 million in the same time frame. The film's US box office gross has reached $162.74 million, surpassing the previous film's $148.97 million.
Outside of this location, Sonic's second movie has debuted across 47 different markets in the top spot. It's not done yet, either - with a Japan release of the movie due out this August. 


That Is absolutely amazing It passed the first movie. Since the movie was amazing to watch I can’t wait to watch It on 4K Blu-Ray  Smile

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