AutyColor The 12 Hue Color Wheel
These 12 colors are the most popular in China and Japan. They use a 12 color selection to describe most colors instead of 7.

Which is your favorite color? In order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Green, Jade, Teal, Periwinkle, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, or Pink? My favorite color is seafoam green; which is between Jade and Teal.

Who else has trouble seeing between Olive and Green? For me it helps to immagine Olive as a banana and Green as a lime; or Olive as rough and Green as shimmering.

These colors are all 30 degrees apart on Photoshop's color wheel. The perfect uncolor-blind person views these colors as the 12 most different of hues. I'm moderately green color blind and color is one of my most favorite things.

EDIT: On my Sharp Aquos Quattron I can see the difference in Olive pretty clearly.

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Color Psychology or Aura Reading (Take Your Pick)

As an ecclectic wicca (a supplementary religion to my christian one) I include paradigms from many religions. One being chakras from Hinduism called "centers" here in America. There are 12 centers in all correlating to each of the 12 colors of the color wheel, the 12 notes of music, and the 12 animals of the Eastern Zodiac.
Centers are both matter and energy. They are potential energy (matter) and kinetic energy (energy we think of). They exist in a sort of dual state, transferring energy between potential and kinetic in the blink of an eye.
The 12 centers are located at certain points in the body and spin and gravitize energies all around the universe near and far.
The 12 centers are as follows, starting from the bottom leading to the top (though if you prefer, you can lead from the top to the bottom):
Red - The Life Center (or root chakra) This center is located at the base of the spine or near the genitals.
Orange - The Friendship Center (or sacral chakra) This center is located at the belly button or naval
Yellow - The Work Center (or solar plexis chakra) This center is located at the physical position of the stomach organ inside of us
Olive - The Home Center - This center is located at the bottom of the rib cage
Green - The Heart Center (or heart chakra) - This center is all about what "gets" to us or what "clicks" and is located in the center of our chests.
Jade - The Support Center - This center is what carries us and nourishes us and has a lot to do with our nutrition and diets and is located above the chest and below the neck
Teal - The Communication Center (or throat chakra) - This center is located at our voice boxes in the throat
Periwinkle - The Expression Center - This center is about both smells and faces and other forms of expression where communication can take place and is located on the nose in the center of the face
Blue - The Visual Center (or Brow Chakra) - This center is located in the center of the brow and can be refered to as "indigo" (a dated color name)
Purple - The Connection Center - Starts at the hairline and is about chains of connections or links
Hot Pink - The Control Center (or divine chakra) - Is located at the tippity top of the head (the crown) and control can flow in both directions here, in or out
Pink - The Love Center - This center floats above our heads and reaches out with arms to hold in position what we love with gravity and friction

There are complementary chakras and component chakras, just like complementary and component colors.

Just thought I'd share this with you all. I think about things in these terms daily and it simplifies problems in my life.
Every now and then I'm looking around at the world and I just realize how great colors are and without them life would be pretty dull. Don't think about it often but every couple of years I do. haha
I agree completely.

More color psychology:

Red alters
Orange absorbs
Yellow flows
Olive contracts
Green expands
Jade wraps around
Teal flattens
Periwinkle widens
Blue deepens
Purple mixes
Hot Pink electrifies
Pink bounces

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