amyroseAmy Rose Fanart Drawn by me - can be found via my Twitter on my profile
     Hi all, Nymphia here! I didn't entirely get what this thread is for, but I figured I should post my "greatest hits"; that is to say, the drawings I've actually bothered to finish. I have more on my twitter, but I figured reposting here would be okay since the media tab is garbage on that site. I use a Nintendo 2DSXL with a horribly scratched-up screen and the art program Colors!3D. Amy is my favorite, so most of the pictures are of her. 
Okay, these look seriously AMAZING. The lineart is good, you make the characters look adorable... but the coloring? Top-tier.
I hope more people see your work, because it's genuinely great!
Oh dang, these are all so cute! Great work.

If you don't mind me asking, which Amy is that in the top right corner of the group image? I'm not sure I can place her. Is she from that old Sonic manga?

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