AutyThe My Pillow Guy never saw it coming
Shocked Ontel Miracle Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose from Bamboo Cover, Queen, White : Home & Kitchen

Miracle Bamboo Pillow has given me increased rest and energy since the 2 years ago me and Lighty got 2 for christmas.

Anyone else have a My Pillow or other special pillow of the future? There are a few of them.
*pushes purge spammer button* jk

I don't think I've ever had a My pillow or any of those other special pillows. I've just kinda stuck with the average pillow with a freakin' Mario Kart pillowsheet on it Eggman.
I have a pikachu pillowcase in the way of special pillowcases. Eggman
Never had a My Pillow but right now I use one with a special contour that helps keep your neck straight so you don't kink it at night. I wouldn't mind trying something really good though but I don't want something that's all marketing, something that's actually helpful for sleep.
Try the Miracle Bamboo Pillow. Me and Lighty love it. My sister on the other hand, hates it, she says its too hard/lumpy.

Theres a dent in mine where my head goes at night and it loves to be there <3
Well it looks cheap enough, I will give it a try when it's time to check out a new pillow. Smile
I don't remember much, but I had a My Pillow once and now I do not. Must have exchanged it in for something else... on the never ending quest to wake up without pain.... D:

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