MauEvigMau's Sonic Fan Art Just some art things from me...
[Image: serious_pose_julie_su_by_mauevig_deybube...hGgZuoWMMo]

Julie-su from Archie...she needs more love and Ken Penders didn't do her any justice. Me also trying to get better at digital art.

[Image: knuckles_and_julie_by_mauevig_de17p64-fu...M7nVIM1TQA]
Knuckles and Julie from my Mobius at War Universe. Julie and Shade are one and the same in this 'verse, or at least that's what I planned on doing. The characters are so similar I figured...why not combine them? I had a backstory in mind for this as well..

[Image: blazey_blaze__by_mauevig_de17per-fullvie...gEH_e5vGVU]

I REALLY need to get better at drawing my favorite fire cat...seriously...

[Image: princess_sally_by_mauevig_de191tp-fullvi...1sDiz9BA1c]

Good ol' classic Sally.

[Image: bunnie_rabbot_by_mauevig_de176co-fullvie...wBYV0izS8U]

You gotta love that charmin' southern belle, Bunnie! This one was pretty popular with the SatAM crowd.

[Image: de175md-3a895fd6-5d92-46f7-a7f8-cd93abc7...90rFqSieJc]

This Sonic I did for a promotional event on Twitter that sadly got ignored...oh well.

[Image: de173kq-9b36bd6d-c05d-44b2-97cc-ead04a6b...Qx8rV2gSgU]

Robotnik is prepared! A little nod to the Lion King here...since Jim Cummings briefly voices Scar in the song number, so I did a spoof of Robotnik singing be prepared as his swatbots march in preparation to take over Mobotropolis!

I might post more later if/when I feel like it.
I like your Bunnie!
Yooooo that looks amazing, MauEvig! Especially like the Sally and Julie-Su pieces you did!
Thanks! I worked extra hard on those.

I know I need to work on some of the other characters, maybe they're just a bit more challenging to draw? Eggman

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