Crystal ToadHellooo :D ~ from an old timey mofo member
How are the daisies? I'm doing well... excited to be active here in the pretty new Sonic site/forums :>.  I'm the admins sister (Auty). I was around and posting in the MoFo back in 2001. Anyways I'm excited to see the new Sonic movie and stuff yay!!!!
Welcome to the forums, Crystal Toad!
Wow you go way back! Happy to see you here. The movie releases on this forum's 16th anniversary. Pretty fitting if you ask me. Wink
Mhm I've been around foreverz. And will be eternally. Is everyone going to go see the movie like the first day it's out? I definitely am.
If it doesn't conflict with my work schedule, I will definitely see it first day.

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