TheSonicZoneHello Sonic Fans
Hey there fellow Sonic fans

I am back from my wanderings, this time as a representative of a project I started in a rather dark part of the world.
The project started out of the deep depressing days of COVID-19 house arrest and grew into a fully polished work I am very proud of.
The project is known as The Sonic Zone (and it has no relation to a defunct website with the same name).

The first yearbook will be published soon and I do encourage everyone to please have a look at it.
It is a freebie, there is unfortunately no hardcopy and at this time I am not allowed to even charge one cent for it.

Look out for the announcement and links.

Although this may feel a bit corporate-ish, please bear in mind I've been a Sonic fan for nearly 30 years, and I may know some of you from long ago, especially early 2000s (if you were online then as a kid maybe). I am not in it for the money. This is pure passion for the franchise and the fact that I am doing Sonic a disservice by not being interactive. I have had much reservation about doing this, but, the time is now, and with an uncertain future, I'd rather just seize the moment as best I can.

I have been on the Discord for a while with a different username, in my own personal capacity, and I did announce creation of this project there, as well as drop the occasional spoiler.

Legally, I am doing this under fair use. SEGA have eventually heard me, and I am required to own a company to proceed with licensing and so forth. For the time being, I get a free pass under fair use (those of you who may have access to the licensing division at SEGA Europe will know that we did make contact and you will know who is handling my case). Everything is above board!.

I reside in South Africa. At the moment there is significant political instability, rioting on occasion, lack of electricity, and generally all the worst kinds of stories you hear on TV and see in National Geographic magazine. Because of this, people turn to games, and this is why there is this large awareness and like of Sonic that has never existed before. There is a large demand for Sonic merchandise, SEGA refuse to hear me out on this, but their tune is changing because we've shifted nearly 100 Sonic plushies we imported with our own money and we can now present a business plan.

Thank you.
Yo! Glad to have you in the forums! Looking forward to the yearbook!
Thanks for being willing to share this. Hope things start looking up for you next year!
Let's hope.
The book was published today.
Early access was given to those who are in the Sonic Blast / Sonic HQ Discord server

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