ProtoBusterSwordSuni the Kitsune The adorable adopted sister of Aaron Kunai!

[Image: Suni-the-Kitsune.jpg]
(Drawn by the awesome @ChaosKaiser! Thank you so much!)
Name: Suni Kunai

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Species: Kitsune (5-tailed)

Abilities: Fluent in Japanese but apart from that, nothing else..yet.

Likes: being near her "Onii-Chan," manga, anime, videogames, Szechuan Chicken (that cheers her up when she's down or brightens up her day when she's already happy)

Dislikes: not being near her "Onii-Chan," evil people, not going on adventures, getting bored, scary things

Bio: Suni is the adopted little sister of Aaron Kunai, although the two are clearly not related by blood. Ever since Aaron had rescued her from a Hunter's trap during a routine hunt she's been at his side. She has a very sunny disposition and her curiosity knows no bounds, much to Aaron's dismay. Her wanting to be wherever her "Onii-Chan" is usually causes Aaron to panic and be very protective of her. Speaking of which, given that she is of japanese folklore she tends to give everyone she talks to either the suffix of "-san" or "-chan." She is also capable of speaking Japanese, in which completely takes over her manner of speaking when frightened, angry or sad.

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