ProtoBusterSwordShiro and Fang A Hip-Hop Hedgie and Dark Chao Duo!
[Image: Shiro.png][Image: Fang-the-Dark-Chao.png]
[Image: Shiro-and-Fang-logo.png]
Name: Shiro and Fang
Age: 19 (Shiro) 2 (Fang)
Species: Hedgehog (Shiro), Dark Chao (Fang)
Instruments: Vocals, Drums, Bass Guitar (Shiro), Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Beats  (Fang)
Bio: The Adventures of Shiro & Fang (stylized as "THE ADVENTURES OF SHIRO & FANG") (or Shiro & Fang for short) are a duo of very talented multi-instrumental musicians who mainly excel in rock and rap. Unlike most hip-hop musicians Shiro the Hedgehog and Fang the Dark Chao They rap and rock about much more nicer things such as videogames, going on adventures (As with their first self-titled album and "Act 2 & Knuckles) and about the rap game. They don't have girlfriends yet, but there's gotta be someone out there for each of them, right? 

And here's those albums!
Their self-titled album
[Image: Shiro-Fang-Album-4-REDONE.png]
[Image: Shiro-Fang-Tracklist4.png]

And their sequel album!
[Image: Shiro-Fang-Album5.png]
[Image: Shiro-Fang-Album5-Case-Back.png]
*A small error to point out, the track numbering on the back of this artwork is a bit wonky. I haven't noticed it until now lol!
Well dang that's a unique idea! OC's that produce albums among other talents! Hehe

I also love that the 2nd cd is "Act 2 & Knuckles"! hehehe
Glad you like!
Have you gone above and beyond and actually produced their music ever so that the songs can actually be jammed out to?
Sadly, no. I was at some point but (A) coming up with lyrics is SUPES HARD and (B) I don't have the time nor equipment to actually produce it.

Buuuuut....I wouldn't be against having other people trying their hands at it...
Writing lyrics can certainly be tricky, but once you find a groove, you'd be surprised how it can start to get easier. Hehe
But yeah, lacking means and equipment for the next steps would make it a really difficult project to see through to the end. I could almost imagine the guy who did the Knuckles stages being someone who would do the rapping on this project, providing the rapping voice hehe
Right, right. Yeah that'll be another hurdle in this...who'll have lyrics for Knuckles? Hard enough to come up with verses for Shiro and Fang but Knuckles?

I feel like Knuckles would mostly rap about his duty protecting the Master Emerald. I mean, most of the stage songs in SA2 revolved around his finding the pieces of it! hehe
Right! Forgot about those!
Those are the best rap songs in the world, I'm surprised you forgot Tongue Truly 10/10 masterpieces that make 2Pac and Biggie jealous! Hehehehe

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