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Oh goodness this looks amazing! This is a fan game?? I swear it looks like a working build of an upcoming official release or something! A little more open looking than normal perhaps but generally it looks so good that it's mind blowing it is a fan project! Sonic fans are hella creative!!
Yeah this is a really cool fan game made in the game Dreams. Dreams is a game that is basically a game maker. lol This video by now is probably very outdated, it was even a bit outdated when I posted it. I haven't tried it in awhile so I should probably go back and check it out to see all of the polish and updates that they've put into it.
Wait, okay I guess I'm massively out of the loop. Someone released a game that is a game maker allowing folks to make vast beautiful Sonic fan games that rival at least visually the mainline 3D titles?
Well no, it isn't specifically for Sonic games but Sonic fans have used it to make fan games. Every type of game you could imagine has been made in it including Mario, Crash, and tons of all original games.
Now I have to look this up and plug in some of my favorite series. I'd love to see a Resident Evil attempted with it! hehe
I've seen a RE clone similar to PS1. Not every game is super polished like this though.

There is a Sonic game in this that supports VR too which was a fun novelty. I wouldn't mind an official Sonic game that supports VR. That'd be pretty fun!
Similar to PS1 you say? You're speaking my language hehe

And yeah that would be pretty wild, though if done more accurately could be a little dizzying hehe

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