Roger Craig Smith Won't Be Voicing Sonic Anymore
What are your thoughts on Smith leaving the role of Sonic? Second only to Jason Griffth, Smith was my favorite voice for Sonic so it's sad to see him go.
I'm indifferent. I didn't think he was amazing nor did I think he was bad. He did a good job at having that type of voice. But it's so close to whatever they're offering for the 30th anniversary game, I wonder if he is going to be in that game or games? Or maybe they rerecorded his lines?

I wonder if they will use Ben Schwartz in the games now? I wouldn't mind that. Although they probably won't.
I honestly think Ben Schwartz is too energetic for the role. While it was certainly fitting for Movie Sonic, I don't think it works for Modern Sonic
Yeah he is, I guess it just depends on what kind of story they want to do too. But at the end when he was more serious, he did a good job at not being overly energetic.
it's a shame to see him go, he really fit this era's sonic perfectly. i wonder who's next...
Max Mittleman is someone I've been hearing a lot about. He voiced Ryuji in Persona 5 and One Punch Man from One Punch Man.
He would be good, but what do you mean you've been hearing about him? Are there rumors floating around that he might be next?
I mean I've been hearing a lot of people HOPING that he would be the next Sonic.
I'm SUPER glad Roger Craig Smith isn't voicing Sonic anymore. I hated his Sonic. I just hope whoever comes next doesn't suck at the role like Roger did. Personally, I'd LOVE for Jaleel White to come back. But Max Mittelman would be a good choice too. Another good choice would be Yuri Lowenthal (who'd also make a good Silver). Matt Shipman would also be a good choice. He voiced Gear in the English Dub of World War Blue. Gear was based on Sonic and the Game Gear.
I would much rather have Jaleel White voice Classic Sonic if they plan on bringing him to another game to be honest. Mostly because White has that 90's attitude which Classic Sonic has and represents.

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