InfiniteFavorite Christmas Movies and Music
So it is now December which means Christmas is on the way! So, what are your favorite Christmas movies and music? 

Here are my favorite Christmas movies: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Arthur's Christmas, and Barbie in the Nutcracker. 

My favorite Christmas Songs are: The Holly and the Ivy and Hark the Herald Angels Sing
I like Elf and The Santa Clause. I had The Santa Clause as a small child on VHS and watched it over and over.

Also really love It's a Wonderful Life.
While out of season, I feel a little bad seeing this conversation didn't get to flourish, so I'll add my two cents and perhaps a little more will spark. And then we can return and reevaluate if we still agree with our past selves come Christmas, yes? hehe

So I'm all over the place for my top interests of music and visual media, but I'll lay out a few consistent champions.

As far as music, anything Frank Sinatra will always do well! Especially his song "Mistletoe and Holly". That's a bop, hehe. But I also would HIGHLY recommend the Christmas album "My Christmas" by Andrea Bocelli. It is beautiful front to back, ending with the song used in the 2009 release of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey. Art in it's truest form I'd argue!

And for things of a visual enjoyment, movies and such, I'd say any good variation of A Christmas Carol is always a must! But there is one thing I go back to each year regardless and sometimes multiple times. The Hey Arnold Christmas Special. In my humble opinion, that is the most flawlessly executed Christmas Special, story-wise, to ever come out. It has the depths of the season, as well as the fun flashy outer shell. It analyzes the true purpose of giving gifts and what it means as a gesture, and it tells one of the most realistic sad stories to remind the audience that Christmas isn't always charming for everyone, that some people spend it reflecting on those they no longer have. However, no worries, it ends POWERFULLY happy! But it was just so emotional and deep for an episode of a kids show, and I will always love it!

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