NeoMetallixI want Colors Remastered / Adventure Remakes
Okay so Sega is always rereleasing the classic games but here’s what I want. Colors is a great game but stuck on Wii. It’s still a beautiful game though and would benefit greatly from a 1080/4K bump. It would pretty much eliminate all of the aliasing. 

My other dream is a full on remake of both Adventure games. I mean keeping it faithful not a reboot or a reimagining. Obviously fix the mouths and animations and whatnot but have it like the Shadow of the Colossus remake or Crash Bandicoot/Spyro remakes where it’s  pretty much the same but better graphics. It really NEEDS to be done.
Sonic Colours would be good with a HD update, also more would get the chance to play it, if they didn't get a Wii. The Adventure games would be a lot better with a HD update and with the bugs fixed. If Sega ever do a HD update of the two Adventure games should they have the new voice actors or keep the original ones?
The adventure games have already had HD remasters though. I want a full on remake! Use the Forces graphic engine if need be but keep them untouched in gameplay and fix cutscenes/bugs. That’d be my wish.
That would be great and I'd buy it in an instant!!
I never got the chance to play Colors on the Wii, but the DS version is tons of fun! I'd love to see the Adventure games get remastered too, I love SA1. Smile
Personally I want them to remake 06 and .... Well fix it.
Including adding in the extras that were in the code, like side characters playable in every level.
If my time with Colors on Dolphin is any indication...gosh, levels like Planet Wisp or Starlight Carnival would look absolutely GORGEOUS in 4K.

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