SCSPrivate RPs Rules
Thank you for your interest in roleplaying on Sonic Blast! We strive to provide an excellent environment for roleplaying in our community.

Before posting, please review the Forum Rules and Resources page, especially the Forum Rules and Internet Safety Tips (PDF) from the US FCC.

We also encourage you to review our Basics of Role Playing thread prior to posting in this section.

In addition, please keep in mind the following rules specific to the Private RPs forum section:
  1. All content, language and themes in roleplays must adhere to our Forum Rules so therefore must not be explicit, graphic or overly intense/disturbing. If you aren't sure whether a roleplay you wish to start would adhere to our rules, or if you are unsure as to the acceptability of any post, you are more than welcome to reach out to a member of our staff team in a private message for feedback prior to posting the content publicly.

  2. Before posting in this section, please keep in mind that anyone (including guests) can read all posts in this section. Private RPs are therefore not private in regard to their viewing audience, only in regard to who is allowed to participate in each roleplay. So please make sure to not post any information that you are not comfortable with being viewed publicly.

  3. Prior to posting a new roleplay, please ensure you have confirmed that at least one other person plans to participate in your roleplay. This person should be noted in the thread's original post as an authorized participant. Please state in your original post whether or not you are willing to accept applications from potential new participants or if it is a fully closed roleplay.

  4. If you are interested in joining an already existing roleplay, please review its original post to see whether the original poster is accepting applications from potential new participants. If they are not interested in having new participants, please do not attempt to join, just read the thread without participating. If they are interested in having new participants, please send the original poster a private message indicating your interest in joining. Do not actually post in the thread until if or when the original poster has provided you with authorization to do so.

If anyone posts in a roleplay thread without authorization, or otherwise if you encounter any content or behavior that makes you uncomfortable, please make sure to report the post using the in-line report button and reach out to a member of our staff team via private message for assistance.

Have fun roleplaying, and stay safe!  Cool

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