InfiniteLet's Rewrite Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
This should be interesting. So, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric had a very disappointing story so I'm curious how you guys would fix it and I know just how to start the conversation. In the game, they made Shadow a villain (or at least really made him act like one). This frustrated me but a few days ago I realized that this could've been an interesting concept if executed properly. Hear me out, Sonic Boom takes place in a very different universe so what if this universe Shadow never got his real memories back and vowed to destroy the world to avenge Maria?
Oh Ho!! You beat me right to the punch!

This seems like fun, so i'll give it a shot. At least it would hopefully be better than what we got

We begin with Rise of Lyric with Eggman at an excavation site inside of a ruined temple as his Eggpawns(Or Badniks) are digging and raiding what loot they can find. They then discover the prison of Lyric, and the doctor has accidentally release Lyric from his prison. Instead of being a snake, he is an edchidna. Eggman offers a deal to work together to bring the world to their knees. Lyric at first refused, but then reconsiders once Eggman mentions a Crystal and his brethren are still alive.

We then cut to Sonic running through the first level, which is a beach stage. This serves as a tutorial of sorts with Tails guiding him from the Tornado. After the stage is over, the two friends enters the town of Harmony Circle, a solarpunk looking town where humans and mobians live together in peace. The leader is name Lute, a very ancient echidna who helped build the town and provide the unlimited power of the Chaos Crystal to energize the entire town. Knuckles live here as well, a guardian of sorts for the crystal and Lute's adoptive son. Amy also lives here, and she wants Sonic to be her date for the festival. He of course refuses, but goes with Tails to have fun...until Eggman and his robots attack. Its bossfight time, but it was a distraction for Lyric to successfully steal the Crystal and injure Lute. After the attack, Lute told the story of Lyric, his old apprentice. Back then, he was the guardian of the crystal, but was interested in the lost civilization of the ancient echidna, that lived in a technological society that was advanced than modern times. He became obsessed with the past, wanting to restore the civilization's lost glory and using lost tech and the power of the crystal to do it, since he believes that he is a descendant of its leader. His scheme failed and was imprisoned and hidden away within the ancient temple. He tasked Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to get the crystal back before he unlocks something terrible, and Amy decides she wants to go for the ride.

For now, they have been traveling stage to stage following Eggman and Lyric. This could lead to the debut of Boom!Metal Sonic. But at some point after a Eggman bossfight, Lyric betrays him and escape with the crystal to his old lair where the weapon is suppose to be, the Lair is an ancient tower, and the gang have to ascend to get there. The weapon in question is a serpentine mecha powered by the Crystal. Despite this, our hero defeated the mecha, and Lyric, being a sore loser, uses the crystal's power to create a portal to swallow the tower. Sonic and the gang escapes with the crystal regardless, watching the tower being destroyed and returns to Harmony circle.

We cut to Eggman, grumbling over his defeat within his home base. His machine his destroyed, he lost the crystal, and was betrayed. He calms down after his temper tantrum, as he decides to read a journal that has fallen from his bookcase, and that's when he made a discovery, and grins as he has another scheme, all the while thanking his grandfather.

That is my version of Rise of Lyric, what do you think about that? Its cruddy, but i think it might work.
I really like the potential of Knuckles' relationship with Lute. But I'm quite curious how the gameplay will work. Will it be like the Sonic games or will it be similar to how it was in the original Rise of Lyric game?
(09-16-2020, 01:44 PM)Infinite Wrote: I really like the potential of Knuckles' relationship with Lute. But I'm quite curious how the gameplay will work. Will it be like the Sonic games or will it be similar to how it was in the original Rise of Lyric game?

I was thinking that it might use the Adventure engine, we cannot use what ROL had for obvious reasons lol

a perfect blend of platforming and high speed along with hubworlds that are not big but not too small.
Okay, does Shattered Crystal counts

I have an idea of turning it into a sequel
I've never played Shattered Crystal but sure. Go ahead!
Shattered Crystal is a little bit better than Rise of Lyric, but that is not really saying much lol They are both pretty lackluster games, which is a shame. I haven't played Fire and Ice so....yeah

Azure Wind
The game starts with Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy running through the Tropical Jungle nearing the Beachside lagoon, Knuckles is holding the Chaos Crystal, and the three of them has a destination to get to. This is the first stage, going through the lagoon during the twilight hours. There is a ancient temple at the end where Lute and Tails are waiting. This is an test for Knuckles, as it is a guardian's duty to cleanse the crystal in the temple's waters every once in a while. The entire time the crystal was blinking, which happens every few years and needs to be cleansed, however before that could happen it starts to glow brightly and something flashed near the temple without warning. It is a crab-like creature with glowing moss, and Lute explains that this is not part of the test. This is the first boss battle is this creature, and when it is over, this is when we first see the silhouette of a hedgehog standing on top of the crab creature.  The moonlight reveals our very first look of Boom!Shadow, and demands they hand over the Chaos Crystal. When they resist, he whooped their butts, leaving Lute to stand against him. He tries to use Chaos powers, but it doesn't seem to work as he has a surprise...Shadow has a crystal of his own, which shocks Lute as he was hurt during the battle. He disappears after getting what he wants, and Knuckles is very distraught about the situation and swearing vengeance on the hedgehog. They return to Harmony Circle to let Lute heal, but the gang saw everything that went down and the existence of another crystal baffles them since there was suppose to be one. They are contacted by a man named ...uh, lets call him Cucumber asking them for help. Cucumber is the CEO of a major tech company, and claims to knows about what is going on. He explains that many years ago, he knew a man name Gerald Robotnik, a great scientist in his time. His father, Zucchini was CEO at the time, and they have discovered the existence of other Chaos Crystals, seven in total and they have found one of them. They also found out something terrifying, a mural that depicts a great beast that is responsible for the downfall of the Great Echidna Civilization, but was sealed away by the power of the Crystals before it destroyed the world. He also claims that Shadow is the product of the beast, its herald. If he gets his hands on the crystals, he can use it to awaken his master and once again doom them all. Sonic and gang agree to help, Knuckles is more than willing.

So the adventure begins, the glowing moss is making enemy constructs, but they do run into Shadow and Eggman for character battles. They have collected 2 crystals, and Sonic and Amy tries to talk to Shadow to make him see the error of his ways. With some help from Cucumber, they manage to find where Eggman and Shadow have been hiding, an underwater colony that was leftover from the ancient civilization that held the great beast inside. They get in there, Cucumber will join them soon for an all out attack on the colony. Sonic will face Shadow alone and since its his route, he wins!

Eclipsed Moon
We begin with Eggman inside of a small sub, approaching the underwater colony and once inside, it first stage time! In this run, the enemies would be old Zucchini robots that would be left behind, and later on Cucumber robots. According to Gerald's journal, it leads to a chamber that contains not only a Chaos Crystal, but Shadow as well. After he is freed, he was hostile, but upon realizing that Eggman is Gerald's Grandson, he is at ease. He explains to Ivo about this place, this was an ancient science colony thousands of years ago, also serving as a sealing chamber for a extremely powerful energy source called Gaia Force. With it, he could bring the planet itself to its knees, but in order to get it, they need the 7 crystals in order to open the vault and gain its power. So that is what Shads and Eggman is doing and their enemy would be Cucumber robots trying to stop them and of course meeting with Sonic and the gang. Eggmn has his suspicions though, about Gaia Force and his grandfather's journal. He secretly checks the records of the base, and does find a secret file from Gerald that could give more info. He has a bossfight with Cucumber while Shads still have the bossfight with Sonic and wins this one.

Thats what I have so far, but in the next post will be the final story
Ah I have forgotten that I was supposed to make a last part to this story, and now I will keep my promise.

Crystal Lights
Sonic and Shadow are standing in the chamber regardless which part you finished, exhausted from battle as the blue blur pleads with him to not unleash the Great Beast or it would destroy the world. Shadow refuses since this world has taken so much from him since he was awakened 50 years ago, this is for the sake of vengeance. Suddenly, he is pinned down by Cucumber in a mech, exclaiming that everything is going to plan. With the 7 crystals, he can free the Great Beast, however the crystals were once a whole gemstone before splitting into the 7. He will combine them once again to have complete control of Gaia Force for the betterment of the world and its people, creating a mighty civilization that would surpass the ancient echidnas. He tried explaining that to Gerald and Zucchini, but they refused, which is why he caused their deaths, including the accidental death of Gerald’s granddaughter and Shadow’s resealment.

Sonic disagrees with the plan, as he now works against the man and battles the mech, but is defeated. Cucumber takes the crystals and uses them to open the gate to trap the beast within...but it fails as it renders him unconscious. The Great Beast leaves the facility while Tails, Amy, and Knuckles gather the Crystals and Sonic and get out of here while Eggman helps Shadow. The plant life is slowly dying as Gaia Force is being drained and lifted into the sky where the creature is located clearly. Eggman shares what he knows from gathering data from the facility. The Chaos Crystals can be used by the herald to gain ultimate power, and they begged Shadow for his help, but he is pretty much given up now that his task is complete. Amy has a heart to heart with him, and he is reminded of Gerald, Zucchini, and his Granddaughter and his time spent with them. It has given him a new sense of purpose and helps Sonic unlock the crystal's true power. They reforged into one and turned both hedgehogs into their super forms. Instead of gold, they are glittering white.

Its last boss time as they go into the sky to fight the Great Beast. I am honestly not sure how it will go down, all I know is that you control the Hogs in fighting it as it shows out laser beams and whatnot. After the fight, they both approach and successfully purify it, as it transforms into a different shape, one of benevolence as it returns the Gaia Force back to the planet to give it life as the rest of it goes into Shadow as he is now truly the Ultimate Lifeform. They return to the planet and the Great Crystal splits up again, and the gems scatter in every direction. Shadow says his goodbyes for now, as he has to wander the Earth, but will meet with the heroes again when they need help. Meanwhile, Cucumber is arrested and is sitting in a cell after being found by an organization in the aftermath.

happy ending!

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