Why choose a forum?
Why choose a forum?
You may be asking yourself, why choose a forum over the many other types of discussion platforms? A forum that's done right is personalized in every aspect to the exact subject that you are wanting to discuss with other like-minded fans while moderated to keep discussions friendly. Where other platforms, like social media(Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc), fail is in this personalization. Social media sites are built as a do-it-all platform. This means it's not built for one subject, but for all subjects. Good discussion can happen on these sites but they lack personality and more often than not aren't regulated well due to their sheer size and scope resulting in some very toxic environments. This is all without mentioning the are always watching you and selling your information to 3rd party companies. 

Here are Sonic Blast we ensure complete customization for our subject, Sonic the Hedgehog. From things like smileys, wording, etc to custom themes that can only be found here. We don't collect and store your data and allow for complete anonymity. With the flexibility of being built from the ground up for one subject we have the ability to listen to the community and improve based on feedback swiftly and efficiently. We hold our community to a high standard so we ensure the environment is moderated and pleasant to be a part of. 

So if you're tired of being part of toxic communities, give us a try! 

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hmmmmm....needs some of those memes you have.
Oh gosh, toxic caves, I feel it SOOO CLEARLY! Eggman

Yep. Totally agree with you all. Forums are just my weakness. I remember Concept: "Mobius" website that was entirely built to change people's look at the Sonic franchize. It had an ability to register and make posts, it's style was amazing since the beginning, and it was some kind of social network for sonic fans.

I feel so bad that Concept: "Mobius", as we know it, disappeared in 2013... But let's just remember, how amazing it was. Same with the Power Rings.

Now we have TKA, SVT and of course, Sonic Blast! I'm happy that these three are still alive.
Hmmm that's one that I don't remember. Sounds like it was pretty cool. I'm sure there were a lot that I didn't know about though. I miss the golden days when people made websites and there were tons of different ones all with a unique touch to it.
Smile I suppose because they're full of information that you're interested in.

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