NeoMetallixGuess that Sonic game!
To play this game, you just try to guess the Sonic game referenced by the poster above you, and then you provide a reference to any Sonic game for the next poster to try to guess.

Any Sonic game ever made can be used, including Boom and any side-series games, as well as unreleased games like X-treme.

The reference can be anything from a single word to a couple of sentences, but shouldn't be too long. Basically it should be something unique enough to a particular Sonic game that someone could guess it, but it doesn't have to be obvious. For example, it can be a stage name, character name, item name, world-related name, or something more vague/abstract.


Poster 1: Windy Valley
Poster 2: Sonic Adventure. Toy Kingdom
Poster 3: Sonic Advance 3. Marine 
Poster 4: Sonic Rush Adventure. Treasure hunting
Poster 5: Sonic Adventure 2. Hot dog missions

and so on.

I'll begin with a reference:

Sonic Spinball!

Next one:
Solar Eclipse
Sonic 06.

Next one:
Sonic and the Black Knight

Night and day
Sonic Unleashed.

“I can’t!”
Sonic Heroes?

Back 2 Back
Nope @HollyYoshi . It was Sonic Adventure 2 when Knuckles tried to dig into a wall that is concrete or metal.

Hmmm Sonic Racing Transformed?

Blue Coast
Sonic Rivals 2! Hehe still play that from time to time.

Hey ya big drip!
@Metallic Nope. That was Sonic Rush using the name of the song that plays in Water Palace.

Sonic Adventure

There is no circumstance that you can't handle.
Sonic CD

DarkCastle Area

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