A reminder for everyone to appreciate sonic R music honestly one of the best sonic osts i've ever heard
just recently listened to the sonic R ost, and seriously, it's gotta be one of the best sonic game osts of all time! Especially if eurobeat is your thing. my favorite song from the soundtrack is Work It Out. Can you feel the sunshine is probably the most popular song from the soundtrack, but i wouldn't really know about that. 

that's the end of this i guess, just me expressing my enjoyment of the soundtrack.
This would probably be better suited in the Sonic game section or sonic media but it's okay.

Also, HECK YA! Sonic R is up there with my favorite of all time, I'd put it at my TEST. Super Sonic Racing is my favorite from the game but they're all good. Sadly I've never actually played the game. I never had a Saturn and I don't think it emulates very well but I could be wrong.
Back in Time is probably my favorite track in the game. It really conveys a sense of cheer and happiness.

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