Returning~ well, sort of.
Hey! I'm Alice Yuki! I wasn't always known as this, but I used to be super active on Sonic forums, most notably Two Tailed Fox Forum and Sonic Speed Zone. I don't think I ever was here though which is surprising. I fell off of Sonic for awhile, but the IDW comics and movies kinda changed that, and Frontiers was pretty sweet too! So, I'm back, with new colors and a new hangout. Hoping to make new friends and maybe see some old faces too!

I'm a Sonic fan since playing a handful of the Game Gear titles, mega fan since Adventure, fell off when the Wii and 360 era of Sonic came about but as said above things have changed and I really missed the series that influenced me so much as a person and the fanbase that I had my first internet rollercoaster ride on~

So, back to do it all over again! Here's to even more good times and that things only keep going up from here! ♡
@Alice Yuki welcome! We were affiliated with TTFF at one point. Sonic Speed Zone sounds familiar as well, pretty sure I was there too.

We used to be pretty huge but social media ate our lunch. I am hopeful we can get some more traffic but don't want to be that big anymore, I like smaller communities. And discussing Sonic on places like Twitter and Facebook are *barf*! I quit social media long ago. haha

The IDW comics are pretty cool although I never found a local place that carried them. The movies were awesome and I'm still working on Frontiers. It's definitely my favorite Sonic in recent times. I like it even better than Generations.

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