Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child(OCC) is a project by Samaritan’s Purse where you fill a shoebox with things for a boy or girl, drop it off at a receiving location(w/ $10 for their costs, etc.), and then they will deliver those boxes all over the world as Christmas gifts for children, and tell them about Jesus! Shoebox Collection Week is going on NOW(Nov 14-21, 2022), but you can build a Shoebox online anytime of the year! We celebrate the birth of Jesus for Christmas, and I think this is just a very awesome way to push the gospel forward! Has anyone else ever heard of this? Oh, yeah, and a piece of art I did, the boxes Shadow's carrying is supposed to resemble the OCC shoeboxes. Undecided 
[Image: wanderlust-whisper-shadow-tangle-mighty-...4x1024.png]

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