NeoMetallixSonic Movie Fanart!
So this was made by a member who works at Sony Santa Monica. It's obviously just fan art but if it turned out to be what Sonic looks like in the movie, how would you feel about this design? Does it work or is it just too off of the design we all know?

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My only complaint is how Sonic looks like he's just come in from the rain ^_^
So, I've had this fanart in my computer for a while, and haven't posted in here. I thought starting a new thread just for this would be unnecessary, considering THIS is the Sonic Movie Fanart thread.

[Image: ddtysxx-57e6b606-db86-4d12-9f19-7d89d90a...1Yy062Nbcw]
Yep, Movie Sonic popping out of a warp ring... with a ring in his hand. I tried giving Sonic a anime feel while keeping the cinematic design.
Oh, and the background is just a Sonic Generations screenshot. Green Hill, obviously.

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