Studiopolis Act 1 Time Attack!
Starting this week August 6-13 we will be setting up a new speedrun contest for Sonic Mania! This time we will be competing in Studiopolis Act 1 in Mania(not Encore) using ONLY Knuckles to see who is the fastest at Sonic HQ! Remember to upload screenshots for proof!

Hope to see people's skill in action!
Uh, Mania Mode or Encore Mode, and which character?
I'd guess standard mode. A Studiopolis competition was in the works for a while but we never got around to it. There wasn't a limit on character for the last two, but Sonic generally tends to be the fastest. Though it's hard to tell with possible Ray shenanigans now.

I'm rusty as heck when it comes to time attack, but I might give this one a shot.
Oh let me edit the first post, Mania mode for now since the first two were Mania mode and we might have people who don't have the DLC yet. As far as characters, do you think it should be locked down to one specific character?
I think having everyone use the same character would ensure things are fair if nothing else. No advantages based on using a particular character.
Okay then, to differentiate it a bit we will go with Mania mode and Knuckles.
My time at the stage is 1'49"94
[Image: eAptkjC6]
Wow, way to start off early! You're really 26th rank in the world? lol
(08-06-2018, 01:41 PM)Metallix Wrote: Wow, way to start off early! You're really 26th rank in the world? lol

well on pc becouse sega still has not added anti cheat i am rank one with 0 seconds
Oh gosh I gotta hurry up and get to this but I’m out of town most of the week.

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