SHQ Chat Shack
So this is the general chitchat thread for small talk that doesn't need its own topic.
Welcome to the new forum!

Oh look, no ads!
That’s one of the best parts! Lol I’ll work on transferring more topics here soon.
One of these days you really ought to invest in sturdier materials, Metallix. This is like... the tenth time we've had to rebuild the Shack.
Can you really blame the Shack for succumbing to an event of this magnitude?
Hello Everyone! I am new to these forums Big Grin
The Shack? No. The contractor? Maybe.

And welcome, newbie. In a way we all are after the reboot. Hopefully you enjoy your stay.
So is this going to be a soft reboot or full on "welding torch to the filing cabinet" sort of thing? Just want to get a feel for how much canon is going to be preserved.

Maybe it'll be an abridged series this time...
Welcome to Universe B, I guess.

Or is it Universe MyBB dohohoh- I'll show myself out.
Welp, I guess I can scratch this universe off of the list. Better update the ticker.

It has been 0 day(s) without a pun

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