Sonicfan059Who’s your favorite Chaotix character?
I’ve always been a fan of the Chaotix since the game and their appearances in the Archie comics. Who is your favorite though?

My personal favorite is Charmy. Although not the version in Heroes with that terrible voice and bad writing.
Espio but if we are going by the old chaotix then it's Mighty.
Vector, man! He's just so wacky in Heroes so I love 'im. Also I like reptiles so that's a plus.
(08-18-2018, 05:46 AM)Dopey Wrote: Vector, man! He's just so wacky in Heroes so I love 'im. Also I like reptiles so that's a plus.

Vector is probably my second favorite. I think he has a cool design and the coolest kart in Team Sonic Racing.
Vector is definitely my favorite both old and new designs. I always thought he was the coolest/chillest of all of them.
Another Vector here. I liked him in the original just because he was that different compared to the rest of the cast and his skill set was good. His modern redesign is also pretty great. Shame about him losing the voice after one game, though.

Mighty and Espio are probably close seconds after that.
My favorite Chaotix member? Espio! Love that cool-headed lizard ninja. Cool
My Favorite Chaotix Member? I really love Charmy Bee, He is a Six Year Old Bee
Vector is my favorite. I really hope we get to see more of his detective side and I THINK that is shown in the IDW comics but I haven't been catching up on those.

I do wish Heavy and Bomb get a return though. They are one of the few robots Eggman has created in the games that intentionally rebelled against their master and are good guys.
I actually kind of like Espio, especially during his Chaotix era where he seemed kind of hot tempered, could change colors and run up and down walls. I will admit having some non-mammal characters has always been a unique feature of the Chaotix...I think Mighty and Knuckles were the lone mammals. (I don't count Ray because he wasn't in Chaotix unless you count the comics)

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