Knuckles: Guardian Heritage A Mobius At War Story by MauEvig
Figured I'd share my Knuckles comic. The start of it is here and it's on DA:

Sorry it's been a while since I visited the forums. ^^; It would be easier if I could just post pages.

Mobius At War will have some similarities to Archie and SatAM with the seriousness and some of the characters introduced, but it's also it's own world as well and combines different attributes of different characters and media from different incarnations of Sonic.
Also quite notably, in this version of Mobius, Mobius is a separate planet from Earth and not Post Apocalyptic Earth.
It's going to be a really dark universe.
This story taking place here is Knuckles, and while the first part adapts events from the Sonic 3 and Knuckles game, and some elements of the Archie Knuckles comic will be adapted, it'll still be it's own story.
I don't have a whole lot done though, so please bear with me!

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