JosiahblazeSonic Triple Trouble 16-bit! It's finally here
So, I'm sure everyone's already heard of this, but just to make a thread about it, after years of development, Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit is out! It's a full-on fan remake of the original Triple Trouble which strives for Genesis hardware accuracy. It also adds loads of neat stuff that builds upon the original game. I've played through the whole thing, and if got to say, although the level design isn't quite on par with the official Genesis games, it's still a very fun experience that I would recommend anyone reading this to give a try. 

I remember following this game's development ever since its initial announcement. It's so surreal to see it finally out and playable.
Big Grin 
The fact that they added multiplayer modes is soo great, I really like this remake!
Oh dang, really? That's awesome! I remember covering it when there was just like one or two levels shown off. I never expect these kinds of things to release but now I'm interested! Here's the link btw:
Yay, it works with WINE. I can play it on my linux laptop.

I gotta say, this is pretty awesome! I never played the original but what he did really is awesome. I am liking it more than Mania so far but we'll see how my opinion changes or not.

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