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What is your personal GOTY 2018?
Okay so now that the year is over most sites picked God of War as GOTY with Red Dead 2 coming in second but what has been your personal favorite game?

For me it is by far Astrobot Rescue Mission. This has been a game that made me feel the way I did with Crash Bandicoot and Mario 64 when platformers went 3D and suddenly new possibilities were present. This could be my favorite platformer to ever grace a Sony system. Ape Escape is a close second but this outclasses Crash, Spyro, Jak, Ratchet, Sly, etc.
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For my GOTY of 2018 is Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I haven't finished the game yet, but from what I've played, I think it's an awesome game. Darksiders 3 is my second favourite game of 2018, and I have Red Dead Redemption II, although I haven't started it yet.

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