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Your Top 10 Favourite Sonic Games
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It might be hard picking ten games you think are best, since there are many of them, but what are your ten favourite Sonic games? You can also give reasons if you want too. I will give my ten favourite Sonic games in my next post.
In order:

Sonic Generations
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Heroes
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Sonic 2
Sonic Colors
Sonic Advance 2
Sonic Advance
Sonic 1
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Here are my top ten favourite Sonic games

Sonic Colours (Wii version): After sometime when 3D Sonic games weren't looking too good, out came this gem on the Nintendo Wii. With good gameplay and story, I think this is the best 3D Sonic game ever. Introducing the colour powers, so you go back to earlier levels for secrets, since you had to unlock some of them in later stages of the game.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles: You had the option to play as two other characters, also a change in some of the levels if you were Knuckles. But the whole game I thought was really good, although Doomsday Zone can be annoying.

Sonic Generations (PS3/X-Box 360 version): Another good 3D Sonic game, where you go through familiar levels from the past games. It was good to see 3D versions of Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary Zone and along with an updated 3D Green Hill Zone. Also the stages from the modern Sonic games looked good, as you went through them with Classic Sonic.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3/X-Box 360 version): I wasn't a fan of this game at first, because of the night time stages where you play as the werehog. But later I looked past that, and in the end I thought the werehog stages were good. It is the daytime though where this game is at it's best.

Sonic Adventure: One of my favourite stories and my favourite soundtrack to a Sonic game. The first game in the modern Sonic era, and a really good one.

Sonic Forces: Like Sonic Unleashed, I looked past the issues and saw it was a good game. Also you had your own character go through some of the stages. Also like in Sonic Generations you go through stages from Sonic's past, but they seem to be more apart of the world now. Many didn't like this game, but I thought it was okay.

Sonic Mania: A return to the classic 2D Sonic days, and mixture of old a new stages. I thought the game was really good. I have completed the original version of the game, but I haven't finished the plus version of the game.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive Version): It improved a lot over the first Sonic game, adding the spindash and there were more levels. Although Death Egg Zone can be a challenge, as you fight Silver Sonic and the Death Egg robot without any rings. Also Metropolis Zone I thought was nightmare to get through, it is my least favourite level from all Sonic game. It was still a good sequel to the first Sonic game.

Sonic Heroes: I thought the gameplay was okay, that you had to use teamwork to get through the levels, also some of the music to the stages were good too. The final boss fight with Metal Sonic/Metal Overlord was good too.

Sonic Adventure 2: The sequel to the first Sonic Adventure, at first I thought this was the best from the two Adventure games. But in the end I liked Sonic Adventure more. But Sonic Adventure 2 is still an okay game.

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