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The 20th Annivesary of Sonic Adventure
20 years ago today Sonic Adventure was released on the Sega Dreamcast in Japan. It was the first modern Sonic game, and probably the first 3D one too. Although there was Sonic 3D on the Mega Drive/Genesis and Sega Saturn before. But Sonic Adventure was the first 3D Sonic game released by how we see 3D games today.

The first time I played Sonic Adventure was on the Nintendo GameCube. I didn't have a Dreamcast at the time, and I played Sonic Heroes on the PS2 before. That game got me back into the Sonic series. But anyway I thought Sonic Adventure DX was great. There were times when I thought Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was the best out of two game, but as time went on I ended up liking the first Sonic Adventure more. I thought the levels were better, and the story to the game was good too. But out of all the Sonic games, I think it has the best soundtrack.

What are your thoughts on Sonic Adventure?
Was just going to post this! This is a game many credit as the start of modern Sonic but now it’s not so modern and a classic if you ask me.

It blew me away when I first saw it. Graphics were way ahead of anything till that point.
[Image: SonicBlastUserbar3.png]
[Image: knuckes_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: espio_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: shadow_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png]

Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast is probably the only time it got good reviews. It hasn't got good reviews since it was on other consoles. It didn't get a good review on the GameCube. I don't know why, I thought it was the same game, except with extras.
I honestly didn’t understand it at the time nor now. Same with SA2. SA2 came out only a year after the DC version and it went from the highest rated Sonic game to 6/10 average.
[Image: SonicBlastUserbar3.png]
[Image: knuckes_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: espio_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png][Image: shadow_stamp_by_pfv0_stamp.png]

I think SA2 Battle got better reviews than SA DX on the GameCube, but they both weren't as good as the Dreamcast versions. Maybe it was because they were ports and they were full price at the time. Resident Evil 2 & 3 on the GameCube didn't get good reviews because of that too.

Anyway Sonic Adventure was a good start for Sonic games in 3D. The game itself was really good. As you take control of six different characters, who each have their own story, that you have to finish to unlock the final story. Out of the all the stories. I thought Sonic's was the best, as it explained more about plot of game and the Chaos creature.

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