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Has Team Sonic Racing sold you?
Have you been convinced to buy TSR yet? They haven't shown off a whole lot of gameplay, but they have shown a little of it. Has it convinced you to buy the game already or are you going to wait? Maybe a hard no?
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Meh, I'll probably get it eventually but its not on the top of my list.
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Eh i may give it a go as its fairly priced at $40, could use more kart racing games on the PC
I won't get it when it's first released, but I will later.
I'm mildly excited, I want a 3D platformer though. I'll be excited when I see that if it's boost or not.
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Would have been more impressed if it was Sonic Riders 3 but yet another kart racer just doesn't really do much for me.
Maybe with the added development time they can make it more appealing but right now I share everyone's 'Meh'.
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I'm definitely excited to buy Team Sonic Racing. I think it sounds like a lot of fun, and while I do really love and enjoy the Sega All Stars series I'm very much excited by the prospect of a Sonic-world-only racer.

That being said, they could have done better with TSR in multiple aspects. I love Seaside Hill, Rooftop Run and all of those levels, but it's unnecessary to put them in every game. Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces reused a lot of older levels in many ways, and of course Sonic Mania includes old levels. I feel like Generations and Mania did this very well, but Forces just felt too uninspired and overly samey. Unfortunately, it feels like TSR is continuing this trend in some ways.

I would have preferred to see mostly all new, original levels in TSR with only a small handful of returning levels. Ideally, I would want the main content of the game to consist of all new levels, and then perhaps have an unlockable bonus mode that let you race through tracks placed in old familiar levels just for fun -- without that counting as part of the main set of levels for the game.

Furthermore, I would have preferred having more worlds -- 7 is just very slim pickings, especially for a cart racing game.

All that being said, the gameplay still looks like a lot of fun. I'm particularly looking forward to the story mode, and local co-op with friends/family. Being able to play with up to 12 racers online sounds fun too. The music is also extremely excellent, absolutely loving every track posted to the Sonic Youtube channel and I'm thrilled to see Jun Senoue collaborating with Hyper Potions and Tee Lopes. I really particularly love the Boo's House track that seems filled with awesome Sonic Adventure 2 references and Sandopolis Zone references.
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