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Super Smash Bros. Direct 8.8.2018 @ 10AM ET
Sonic is getting 20 songs?! HYPE!! Diamond Dust and City Escape OR WE RIOT!
[Image: ae8def3aebf5738a674c7498414f24b4-full.png]
Damn, that's a lot more than I was expecting. Rathalos was a nice surprise as well. Gotta say, Richter might just edge out Snake if I like how he plays; Rondo of Blood and Harmony of Despair are some of my favourite Castlevania games. Just when you think there's no more stops left to pull out, Nintendo grabs another briefcase from under the desk and keeps going.
Could anyone who had never seen stars possibly imagine what infinity is, when, most likely,
The very concept of infinity first appeared among humans inspired, once upon a time, by the nocturnal vault of the heavens?
(08-08-2018, 10:10 AM)ProtoBusterSword Wrote: FINALLY, Chrom fans rejoice! He's here and....he's Lucina's echo fighter. 
Actually he's an echo of Roy. Has the same rougher fighting style with some twists on it like having Aether instead of Rising Flame. Which I think is actually pretty neat compared to Lucina more or less having a 1:1 Marth moveset.
Sakurai is really going all out. Hope the man is okay. Loved to see him troll as the voice of Dedede again.

We didn't see Shadow or Isabelle as assist trophies so I'm hoping they're gonna be echo fighters, but honestly I'm super ok with what we got so far.
Pretty good Direct. I think it's brilliant that Chrom's moveset borrows heavily from multiple FE characters considering that's what his game did in relation to the series. And K Rool's possibly the best trailer we've had so far. I'm fine with the current roster. If I could have one more character, it'd probably be Decidueye, but that'd be icing on an already great cake.

I'm not sure where they can possibly go from here, but there's been some neat surprises so far. Stage switching sounds interesting and Final Smash meter is probably gonna end up being my go-to game mode. Guess they could bring in a Subspace Emissary-like mode, but I'm not expecting it, personally.
I reckon a story mode isn't entirely out of the question honestly. He's confirmed bosses are a thing and people complained about there not being a mode like it in Smash 4. I'll bet we'll see one last Direct before launch revealing it along with the remaining fighters.
Yeah I'm hoping the secret game mode he showed off in the menu screen is a story mode of some sorts. With everyone being back together it would make sense. Either that or Adventrue Mode from Melee. As long as its not that one mode from Smash 4.. Smash Tour. Tongue

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